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Author Topic: Infinite Weirdos (or, How I learned to stop worrying or--nope, still worrying!)  (Read 2151 times)
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« on: November 28, 2016, 10:29:54 PM »

I wrote this for my sister, to bring her up to speed on the game.  I'll see about writing actual synopsis for the future sessions.

The party was "abducted" by Reich-5 mages to sacrifice to a demon that would improve the accuracy of their cross-time excursions.

Kim made the lead mage forget what he was doing.  That went poorly for the Nazis.  It caused the pentagram spell to drop.  The demon hadn't fully formed, so it vanished.  Pinky "scienced" the hell out of the inlaid orichalcum pentagram causing an explosion.

They escaped into a vehicle, which was dubbed the Herkimer Battle Jitney (from the movie Mystery Men).  They escaped down a road that passed through dimensional walls until they encountered what Alistair was predicting--a world that knew about the road and had built a bunker over the entry.

They met with the people who ran the bunkers:  Cross Time Security.  They gave them some information and demonstrated one of their other methods of travel--the hypercube.  The party took a side mission into another dimension to do some recon for CTS, and ran afoul of Homeline (the official "good guys" from GURPS IW).  

They thwarted their plan to abduct a young girl who had developed TL12^ dimensional engineering math (she has a cabinet that's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside), who put her time cabinet in a 12-hour loop so she could visit CTS with them (the girl's name is Ana).

Alistair: "Do I see any dimensional-looking tech?"
Me: "Yeah, over there."
Sherry:  (OOC) "They're going to blow the police station into next week!"

Alistair:  "We came in the cookie truck."
Sherry:  "So, obviously, he's a Keebler Elf."
Alistair:  "Now, that's offensive."

After that, they went back to the Battle Jitney (which CTS had been so kind as to re-label everything in English).  CTS asked if they would recon the second world down from them.  They knew the next world had suffered a nuclear apocalypse some years ago, but, they had been receiving refugees down the road saying something horrible was happening.

Driving through "Fallout World" the party encountered what they're calling "The Road Crew."  A group of OBVIOUSLY non-human entities dismantling sections of the road in a very, peculiar way.  After a brief standoff, the party took the Jitney off road, went further down, got back on and continued to the next (and, currently, last) world on the road.

It looked like the world had been struck by something horrible.  And magical.  Massive, purple arcs of energy leapt around.  The Jitney's sensors complained about external contaminants and the internal life support kicked in automatically.  They drove past what appeared to be a recently-assembled UN base to the end of the road, which occurred where a massive fissure split the earth for dozens, if not hundreds, of miles in both directions.  In the middle of the fissure, floating on a blinding pillar of purple energy was a castle, where it appeared that they were attempting to build a smaller road to connect to where this one ended.

They drove back to the UN base to meet with the IST:  Interdimensional Supers Teams.  They were another group known to CTS and identified as friendly, enthusiastic but ultimately foolish.  The party (except Sherry, who idolized them) came to the same conclusion.  

On their way back to CTS, the Jitney was involved in an accident with a raider gang.  The gang, unable to see the Jitney on the road (a side-effect of the road) tried to cross it and slammed into the Jitney.

During the ensuing fight, Alistair cast Missile Shield on the Jitney and took himself out of the fight (24 mana--he could do it, just once) to protect it from The Broadside Battle Bus (take a school bus, between the bottom of the windows and the floor of the bus, open it up and stick 12-pounder cannons out each side.  With a Wooden powder magazine in the back.  It's only funny as a school bus).

Pinky:  "Could I build a spaceship out of that truck?"
Sherry:  "Depends on how much powder is in the Broadside Battle Bus."

Todd demolished the raiders and, as he was reloading, figuring out how to defeat the recently-deployed robots, Pinky fired her plasma caster into the magazine.  

And it exploded.

The Jitney was now on its side with its MHD turbine (advanced motor) severely damaged.  As the party recovered (Sherry was at -1 HP despite having never left the Jitney) a pair of scouts came upon the wrecks (a column of smoke from where the BBB used to be).  They agreed to take Sherry, Todd and Jerry's character, Roger, for help.

During this time, Pinky was able to rebuild one of the robots which she named "Lovely Assistant."  Yes, Pinky named the Battle Jitney as well.  She's got a knack for it.

The party was told that they couldn't fix the Jitney at this shop, and they'd have to go to Junktown.  Roger threw a fit being unable to convince these strangers to give him their vehicle, or drop everything they're doing for the next couple of days and shuttle the party back to CTS.

The Party handled him and went to Junktown where they traded some of the scrap for money and encountered someone with an assault weapon version of Pinky's plasma caster (which the party already knew couldn't be a good thing).  They got information about where the Plasma Rifle came from and, with help from Rolling Thunder (this world’s equivalent of the BoS), went out to find the source.

Which was a large spaceship.  After fighting some more robots, Sherry managed to find the robot controller and stun him, stealing his gun (a magnificent .44 magnum).  He teleported out and the party searched the ship (which Pinky had claimed, before discovering if there was or wasn't any crew left, dubbing it the Stalwart Empress).

After some fairly disturbing discoveries in the ship, they found that the hyperdrive was mostly gone, replaced by a blue energy field and one of the pillars that formed the road.  The ship had sustained some minor damage, and Pinky knew that they'd have to take the ship into orbit for her to fix the landing gears.

They decided to search for the one crew man they had seen in the records but couldn't account for.  They slept for the night during which time the .44 magnum identified itself to Todd as Warmonger, a being who thrived on death and destruction.  If Todd would help him (supply him with bodies) he would help Todd get revenge for his family's murder.  Todd agreed.

The next morning, with no one the wiser to the deal Todd had made, they set out to find the last crewman.  They were beset by animals as they moved through a rough patch, with Todd and Warmonger demonstrating just how powerful he was now.  They realized, too late, that the animals attacked them only because they were in the way.  They were running from something.

A deathclaw.

It smacked Pinky around while Todd (with a Great Haste spell from Alistair) demonstrated (albeit secretly) his newfound abilities.  After killing the deathclaw, they found the transmitter they were following in its stomach.  On the other hand, they decided that they were going to take the deathclaw back for a trophy (and deathclaw leather dusters).

They took the Empress back to the Jitney and, with the ship's arm, loaded it into the cargo bay.  They discovered that the ship could see the road and identify (as hyperspace disturbances) the otherwise invisible transfer points.  Landing over a football field away (the minimum safe distance, where the ship stopped complaining), they locked up the ship and proceeded back toward CTS.

ETA:  Forgot the actual reason they were taking the deathclaw back.
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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 10:53:20 PM »

Our cast of Regular Loonies:
 Todd Diallo:  A gun-fu warrior from a post-apocalyptic world (not a nuclear apocalypse, though) who is looking for “justice” for his murdered family.

Alistair Penumbrae:  A dark elf magi-hacker from a Shadowrun-esque world where gunpowder doesn’t work.  His previous running team was killed after discovering some things man was not meant to know.

Pinky Rose Reyes:  A deep-space damage control engineer.  Used to working under hostile conditions (the environment, not actually mean people), she is trying to understand her place in this new world and figure out what this “magic” stuff is.

Sherry Wincott:  An adorable, eleven-year-old girl with cosmic, memory-erasing powers.  She wants to help people with her powers, and wants to be a super hero.  She dresses as a magical girl and uses silk ribbons to tie bad guys up.

Important NPCs
Lovely Assistant:  A security android Pinky rebuilt from four, wrecked androids (wrecked by the exploding Broadside Battle Bus).  It’s been programmed to speak with an Irish brogue (which means I have to get my Irish on).

Warmonger:  An ancient weapon which longs to be used.  Fate puts it in the hands of the greatest warriors so they can write their legend in blood and bodies.

ETA:  Sherry's last name
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« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2016, 07:20:16 PM »

Bravo! I really like campaign write-ups.

You might want to throw in some background info, though, about how the group got together and such, so the readers have a bit of context.

Still, I look forward to reading more.   Cheesy

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« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2016, 01:55:52 PM »

The party didn’t so much “get together” as “appear in the star-arms of a pentagram while a demon was being summoned by a Reich-5 mage.”  All of them knew that Nazis were bad and decided that they were better off together since none of them, that they could tell, were Nazis.
But, here, I’ll give it a try from memory (it’s been a while now):
It started with a flash.
First they were all in their normal worlds:
Alistair was simply trying to find a safe meal to eat, and avoid anything stimulating.
Pinky was on her way to repair a minor hull breach on the mining ship she was stationed on.
Sherry was patrolling her neighborhood, looking for troublemakers.
Todd was looking for the people who murdered his family.
Roshi was simply meditating.  (This player has dropped from the game, so you won’t hear much about Roshi after this.)
Then, they were somewhere else.  Each was in an arm of a star, in a pentagram.  Inside the inner pentagram of the star, a shape was beginning coalesce from mist.  Outside, five men, four dressed in heavy robes, and the fifth in very fancy, well-appointed clothes, chanted around them.  The fifth man, stood at a lectern and was reading aloud from a large book.
Alistair licked the tips of his finger and thumb, reached down, and extinguished the candle at the point of his arm of the star. 
This annoyed the man closest to him, but did not seem to disrupt the ritual.  Roshi, the blind monk could hear activity, but his heightened senses could not locate anything.  He could feel a barrier, but his senses could not detect it.
Alistair could not understand what the men were chanting, but was able to determine that it was a form of German.  As the man came over to re-light the candle, Alistair, with difficulty, managed to grab it and pull it into the area with him.
This called attention that each of the candles at the points of the star had gone out with Alistair’s action.  Todd tried shooting the man who reached to light the candle at his point.  The bullet didn’t penetrate, but did cause the man to flinch.
Pinky examined the unidentified metal that made up the star.  While it looked like gold or brass, her sensors could not identify it.  Curious, she brought her plasma torch to bear on it to determine its melting point.
Sherry, dressed in her ribbon-heavy, magical girl outfit pointed her “magic wand” at the man who appeared to be leading the ritual and he faltered—forgetting, for the moment, what he was doing.
That was enough.  The barrier went down.
The resulting “fight” was incredibly one-sided.  Sherry leapt onto the man leading the ritual and tied him up with silk ribbons.  Todd shot and killed two of the other men, while Roshi knocked out two of the others (well, he knocked one out, and one down—Alistair curb-stomped that one).
Pinky had finally reached the melting point for the unidentified metal, and, “scienced” the hell out of it.  The pent up magical energy stored in the orichalcum inlay exploded throwing her several yards and knocking everyone around.  Alistair, the only one with any magical knowledge advised that she just destroyed the portal.
Sherry gathered the book and other paraphernalia the now-restrained man had.
Alistair tried to interrogate the survivor, the man who was leading the ritual.  The man wouldn't give any information up, so Todd pulled his knife and decided that torture was in order.  Sherry and Pinky found the door and managed to get it opened (because they really didn’t want to be privy to the torture).  After Todd managed to get some information for Alistair (who was the only one who spoke German, and the man, Karl Straus, was an agent of the Reich), Alistair informed him that he had a spell that would do the same thing, and cast Loyalty on Karl.
Todd thought that was a waste of magic as torture was a time-honored tradition.
Sirens around the compound alerted more Nazis to the escape.  Todd, using Pinky as cover, shot several of the armored guards as they approached.  Pinky decided to go against the protestations of her suit's computer and used her plasma caster on the approaching guards.  (“The plasma caster is only to be used on non-biological objects.  It is intended to deflect macro objects moving toward you in a zero-gravity environment and to remove blockages.”)
The resulting fireball killed three of the guards, seriously injured two more, and caused the remaining guards to run in terror.  (She rolled an amazing amount of damage.)
The party managed to find a functioning armored personnel carrier (dubbed the Herkimer Battle Jitney), and, under Karl's instructions, drove to what he called the chronobhan.  Todd ran over a couple of guards who were trying to mount other vehicles, but got the Jitney onto the hard-packed path.
This was when they noticed they were in the dinosaur era.  Well, it was when Todd had to jerk the Jitney around to avoid a dinosaur.  They followed Karl’s directions to the chronobhan and turned left (because Karl told them that right would lead back to the Reich). 
After driving for a couple of hours, and making allowances for dodging massive dinosaurs, the party discovered that they had gone from a jungle to a coniferous forest.  As they drove, they debated if people could or could not see them travelling on the road.  Eventually, they stopped the Jitney to experiment.  They tethered Pinky with a winch and had her walk away from the road.

With some experimenting, she discovered that, being tethered, allowed her to still see the Jitney on the road to a distance of about 50-60 feet.  After that, it disappeared.  Additional testing showed that, stepping off the road made anything on it disappear.  And, at a distance of about 50-60 feet, they could not see the road any more.

They drove along the road further, discovering that they appeared to be in France.  The technology they could see from the Jitney indicated a 1960’s era.  They observed many structures built over or along-side the road, but nothing directly interacting with it.  As if it were a river, or dried river bed.  They seemed concerned, but continued along.

Alistair raised the point that, obviously (to him), these people didn’t know about the road.  If they did, then they would have done something about it.  This point was hammered home as, after several hours of driving, they went from being in France to, abruptly, being in a building.  With bright lights shining on them.  And machine guns.  And loudspeakers.

Alistair pointed out that this was exactly the sort of thing you should expect from people who were aware of the road.

The party was ordered to leave the vehicle multiple times, before Sherry finally stepped out (the least offensive-looking of the group) and tried to negotiate.  Upon their “captors” explaining that they had little trust in a group that came from “the direction of a known thousand-year Reich base” driving in one of their, Alistair decided that they were safer than anywhere else, took Karl, and stepped out of the vehicle.

Security removed Karl to be detained and interrogated.  The party was examined, as if going through an intricate customs process and taken into the facility proper.  There they saw humans walking along side Elder Things (of Lovecraftian Myth).  They were taken to a conference room, where a group of suited humans, alongside two Elder Things were waiting to talk to them.

Pinky:  “I have a question.”
Sherry:  “What the fuck?”
Pinky:  “What the child said.”
And that is how they got together.
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« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2016, 06:32:43 PM »

Session 2
(All of these are from slightly-old memories, so certain details may be missing)

The two Cody’s (Todd and Roshi) were unable to make this session, but, Jerry was there.

The party was debriefed by the people in the conference room (Elder Things are people too).  The group identified themselves as Cross-Time Security.  That’s their organization’s name in their world.  They were aware of numerous types of transdimensional travel, and, frankly, it scared the fuck out of them (this, coming from people who are not only aware of Shoggoths, but employ them).  Then, they were asked, quite bluntly, what they wanted.

Did they want to go home?  Did they want to emigrate as refugees?  Did they simply want to pass through CTS’s territory and continue on?  Were they looking for a job?

The party discussed amongst themselves and with CTS, the various points.

Getting home:  Not something CTS could really help with, as they had no frame of reference as to where the individual characters came from.  Their best bet would be to try to find someone who could travel interdimensionally and ask for a ride.

Refuge:  CTS has taken a number of refugees in on both sides of the road, some fleeing the Nazis and other fleeing from things down road.

Pass through:  They gave information about what was down road, the two worlds that they were aware of.

Job:  Well, CTS is quite willing to hire contractors to do their dangerous work.  After all, why waste their people if there are willing out-timers willing to do it?

The Party agreed to do a bit of recon work for CTS and were shown “the Hypercube”.  A dimensional portal creating device.  Okay, not really.  What they were shown was a large, square, cement room, and told it was the portal area for the Hypercube (really, you think they’re going to show them the tech?).

They were assured of its safety, and were told that they would be opening it again for them in 12 hours (for a trip back).  If they missed that, they would open it again, after a total of 24 hours.  If they missed that portal, they’d need to find their own way back.

Alistair, Pinky and Sherry agreed and were transported to a loading dock in another dimension.

At this time, Detective Roger somethingoranother (seriously, I don’t have his name with me) was investigating a military-style ambush, with no victims, or suspects, save a small, teen girl who gave her name as “let me go, if you don’t you’re putting everyone in danger!”

Getting her ID off of her, she had several different forms of ID, all declaring her name to be “Alistair, Anastasia.”

She had a number of unique items, which, while they could, roughly identify them, they were not “normal.”  A “Coors” candy bar, a “Vista” credit card, and an almost featureless 8” tablet that was smooth as glass on one side and textured metal on the other, with no visible seam marking the change.

While Roger tried to interrogate her, she kept insisting that her mere presence was endangering everyone there and, they should give her belongings back, let her go, and forget any of this ever happened.

Roger, obviously, wasn’t having any of that.  While he knew the girl wasn’t armed or a direct threat, he believed that people were in danger and tried to explain to her that, if he knew what the threat was, they could deal with it.

Ana tried to give him a basic overview of transcendental dimensionality, but he couldn’t wrap his brain around it.

Another officer came and got Roger, and told him that Ana’s come up in the system.  She’s an orphan.  Her name is, actually, Anastasia Carpenter.  They’ve contacted her parents and they’re on their way in.

Alistair, Pinky and Sherry scouted the area and, with a sensor given by CTS, located a number of dimensional scars, in a parking lot that looked like a small battle had taken place.  Alistair located a localized disturbance that was stronger than any of the others and wasn’t fading.  However, he couldn’t do anything with or to it (it existed fourth-dimensionally, he lacked the senses or organs to interact with it).

Hotwiring a delivery truck (in bad shape, but two TL9 people and an 11-year-old girl don’t know much about TL7 vehicles . . .), they followed the sensor to a new reading.  They came to a tenement building a couple of blocks from the police station.  Alistair and Sherry snuck into the building (they left the armored Pinky in the van for reinforcements).  They discovered that the 3rd floor was completely locked down, with a TL9 power lock.

They took fire from behind the door, but, with Sherry’s power, were able to disable the three iSWAT agents hole up in a room overlooking the street.  In the room was a low-velocity cannon, and armored firing port, pointed at the police station.  A small selection of non-lethal ammunition, and a large variety of fairly-lethal ammunition for the cannon.  Enough explosives to leave a police-station-sized crater in the city.  And a large, grey box that the sensor indicated was a dimensional scar.

Alistair:  “Is there anything in here that looks like dimensional tech?”
GM:  “That’s right over there.”
Sherry (OOC):  “Yeah, they’re going to blow the police station into next week.”

While the party was searching the room, the Carpenters arrived at the police station.  With their daughter.  An exact copy of Ana (down to the unnaturally-colored hair).  Ana 1 was livid.  She berated Roger for putting innocent people in danger.  If they didn’t let her go, that poor girl would probably be killed, along with everyone else in the station.

Roger asked for proof and Ana tried to explain dimensional engineering and the Many Worlds theory to him, but, again, he seemed to have a problem understanding her.  They continued to argue for a while before Roger’s danger sense went off, and he left to send some cops to patrol the area.

Sherry found a picture of Anastasia amongst their items and instructions to capture her, as well as some vital statistics about her.  Alistair and Pinky trussed up the two, bulkier, iSWAT agents and put them and all of their bombs and ammunition into the box and hit the recall button (with an annoyingly complex Rube Goldberg device).  They took the smallest iSWAT agent along with them for interrogation by CST.

Pinky:  “Which of these guys is the smallest?  We have an elf, a lady and a child!”

During their search, the police came to the tenement, as gunfire was heard and Roger’s danger sense put them on patrol.  Sherry met the two cops and made them forget why they were there.  She then showed them the picture of Ana and asked if they’d seen her. They indicated that she was at the station, and was a suspect.  Sherry thanked them by making them forget they’d told her anything, and met with the others.  The discussed that, any enemy of iSWAT was a friend of theirs.

Leaving Pinky in the truck again, Alistair and Sherry went into the police station with a made up story about Ana being Sherry’s babysitter, and since she was missing, Sherry went looking for her.  Alistair was her driver.  The desk sergeant bought the story (Very beautiful, pitiable and honest face make a terribly, terribly effective combination).

The desk sergeant brought the information to Roger.  The address Sherry gave for Ana (the one on the picture) matched for one of her IDs.  Roger asked them to be taken to a room so he could talk with them.  Sherry again, laid it on thick, playing the part of a spoiled rich child who was concerned about her babysitter/friend.

Roger didn’t get anything terribly useful from Sherry, but decided to see how Ana reacted (he didn’t believe her story, but she didn’t seem to be a threat, and, his TL7 skills couldn’t understand any of Alistair’s camouflaged TL9 gear.

Ana was surprised, but played up the act, until it became obvious that they didn’t know each other, but were concerned for her safety.  She and Alistair had a useful conversation about iSWAT (and she warned them that the team following her consisted of four members, and they’d only seen three).  She told them that she needed to get her stuff and get back to the parking lot, so she could get to her time cabinet before it came back and iSWAT tried to steal it.

When she tried to explain the science behind how it was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, Alistair’s brain snapped and he started hearing voices talking to him again.

It took a while, but they were able to calm him.  Roger returned Ana’s items to her and sent some cops to search the area around the police station.

Alistair:  “No, you shouldn't send anyone behind the building.”
Roger:  “That’s standard procedure.”
Alistair:  “You have a standard procedure for getting your people killed?”

Roger took a van and stopped at the cookie truck to pick up Pinky.

Alistair:  “We came in the cookie delivery truck.”
Sherry:  “So, obviously, he’s a Keebler elf.”
Alistair:  “Now that’s offensive.”

Roger drove them to the parking lot and Ana, using her tablet, caused a seven-foot-tall, three-foot square, metal cabinet to appear.  She unlocked the door and ushered everyone inside.  Onto the bridge of a small yacht.  When Alistair inquired about why she used a boat, she shrugged and admitted it was the most efficient thing she could think of.

Pinky was amazed by the technology Ana had developed (TL12^ Dimensional engineering from a girl from a TL8 world). 

Ana tried to explain, and even showed her math to Pinky (who took pictures, but didn’t understand), but explained that not only could her machine change its location in space, it could also change location in time.  After giving everyone a moment to recover, she took the team to their pickup point, a few minutes before the pickup.

Asked about iSWAT, she explained that they really wanted her technology.  They considered any and all dimensional gear their property, regardless of what the actual owners thought.  And, once she left this dimension, they’d leave with her, trying to find her again.  She also admitted that, while she understood the basics of dimensional travel, it was, at this point, more an art than a science.  She could get back to any of the hand-full of worlds she’d visited, but didn’t really know where she was going next.

After a discussion, she put her Time Cabinet on another 12-hour skip and went with the party back to CTS, both to share information about iSWAT and to examine the dimensional road.
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« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2016, 07:30:00 PM »

Session Three
This was a mostly cerebral session.  Lots of talking and debate.  Lots of figuring things out and understanding what was going on.

CTS took Ana off to talk to her and took the party to be debriefed.  Todd joined them and they were asked if they wanted another mission.

Alistair was considering just moving on, and they pointed out that they needed some information from down the road.  They had received a number of refugees from the next world down, which they knew to be a world that had suffered a nuclear apocalypse a few decades or more ago (they didn’t do a lot of research on it).  

The refugees claimed that there were creatures coming from further down the road that were dismantling the road in certain areas.  This was unheard of as nothing CTS had could even begin to scratch the surface of the hexagonal structures that made up the road.

The party, concerned, agreed to go look for these creatures, and continue down to the “last” world on the road—Fractured Earth.

The party flew to the other CTS bunker and decompressed for the remaining day.  The Battle Jitney was refueled (it just uses water) and all of its seals were checked for going into a potentially hostile environment.  They started out the next morning and drove the Jitney into Fallout World (I didn’t name them).

Todd and Alistair took turns driving (Todd is the better driver, but he wanted to play with the turret), so Alistair magicked a lock on it so it wouldn’t fire without his (or Pinky’s) permission.

They came across their first patch of “broken” road.  Individual “hexes” of the road were removed.  It made travel treacherous in the Jitney (it’s a large, not that maneuverable vehicle) and these were six-to-twelve-inch-deep “potholes.”  They examined several of the holes and discovered that the ground beneath did not seem to be displaced or inconvenienced in any way by the road.

This was not understood by Roger, who insisted that this hole must be very old, and had filled in up to this level.

They slowly travelled along for several more hours, running through miles of road where individual hexes were missing.  As they were about 100 miles from where the transition to the next world would be, they spotted “The Road Crew” (again, I’m not making these names up, they are).  It was two, massive, obviously non-human creatures in heavy armor and enormous halberds, and a third, seemingly artificial, even larger, bipedal creature.

They watched as the third creature, using a strange, purple lighting, slowly pulled one of the columns out of the road bed and put it on the road.

Pinky:  "Is it magic?"
Alistair (Botching a perception check):  "Nope!"
GM:  "You'd think that 'yes, this is what magic looks like' Pinky."
Pinky:  "Is it technology?"
GM:  "A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Alistair:  "Unless you have magery."

The party inched the Jitney closer, and the two, halberd-wielding creatures positioned themselves to prevent passage.  They were aggressive, but not hostile, until the Jitney approached to about twenty yards.  The closer creature discharged a blast of purple lightning “stunning” the Jitney for a moment.  They backed off and tried several times to pass them, but the creatures refused to let them pass.  

Eventually, they decided to pull off of the road (after leaving a camera to watch the creatures) and drive on.  Once they left the road, they could no longer see the Crew and drove on for several miles before pulling back on.

As they reached the terminus, they spotted a pair of slowly flying tentacle monsters moving up the road.  Alistair observed that those were probably going to get the pillars that the Crew had removed.  The two creatures did not acknowledge the presence of the Jitney and let it drive past them.

They entered Fractured World and a saw the nightmare.

It appeared that something had impacted this Earth fairly recently.  The sky was dark and the jagged landscape disrupted non-road travel.  Everything seemed to have a purple glow and, occasionally, bolts of purple energy would leap from point to point.  The Jitney’s sensors complained about the contaminants in the atmosphere and over-pressurized the vehicle.

Pinky clambered into her suit and insisted everyone put their radiation suits on.

They drove, more slowly than in Fallout World, as there were numerous tremors that disrupted their travel.  About two hours in, they spotted a recently-assembled, inflated, base, just off the road.  It had a large, blue U.N. symbol emblazoned on each of the sections, and a pair of embankments leading on or off of the road.

The party observed it, but decided they would go to the end of the road first, to see what it looked like, then come back.  After all, there weren’t any turns or forks in this road.

They carefully drove to the very end of the road, as it stuck out, unsupported, into a massive fissure.  The road slowly narrowed until it fell completely away.  Roger then backed the Jitney back to a safer location and Alistair and Pinky went outside to get a better view.

Pinky’s suit complained about unidentified radiation, and observed that it may, or may not, be suitable protection, so they should minimize their exposure.  Alistair observed that this did look like raw, unidentified magic.

In the center of the fissure, a massive geyser of the purple energy seemed to be holding a castle aloft.  With their binoculars, they were able to see that someone was building a thinner road from the castle, in an effort to connect it with the road they were on.  It was several miles away—too far to make too many details out.

They got some pictures and went back in the Jitney for discussion.

They decided that, whoever was in the castle, didn’t have a choice about its location.  It seemed to be a fairly difficult location, and not terribly useful.  With some work, they calculated, best case scenario (for road builders), it would take two to three months to connect the two roads.  They decided they had all the information they could gather at this location, and drove back.

They stopped by the UN base and pulled off.  Pinky, in her suit, along with Roger and Alistair went to the airlock.  They decided that Todd, being a little trigger happy and Sherry, being eleven, should stay behind, until they knew it was safe.  She went through a fairly normal decontamination process (a reassuring process for her) and was greeted by a pair of metal men in blue tracksuits.  They identified themselves as Commander Connor and Lieutenant Shepard of the Interdimensional Supers Teams.  Commander Connor was in charge of this Recon station.

They took them to their recon flyer, Lieutenant Holly “Red Velvet” Brandt.  The attractive young woman wore a red tracksuit and was quite willing to discuss her findings on the castle with them.  She said that there were a number of creatures on the battlements that, when she’d get close, would try shooting her with purple lightning.  

When asked about how she travels, safely, outside, she explained that her force field makes her environmentally independent.  Pinky asked for scans of her force field, and she, laughingly, declined.

The IST explained that they’re on a 48-hour jumper cycle (waste is ported out, and new supplies are ported in on a 48-hour cycle).  They don’t have any psychics with them to establish contact with their base as psychics don’t do well here.  But, the few they’d brought all had incredibly bad feelings about something dangerous coming.  They were an early warning team who could send a one-shot emergency call, if needed.  They’d then be expected to hold the line until a high-powered strike team could be deployed.

The party got some food and Cmdr. Connor and Lt. Shepard agreed that they’d give the Jitney a once-over, from the outside, to make sure nothing was going wrong.  They also ran an umbilical to the Jitney so Todd and Sherry could come in and stretch their legs.

Sherry jumped at the chance to meet real, honest-to-goodness super heroes.
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Very fun. Thanks for the write-ups.  Cool

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Session 4

The party took their leave of the IST.  They clambered back into the Jitney and began the long drive back to CTS to give them the information they had gathered.

They knew they had about an eight- or nine-hour drive ahead of them, so they got ready to go and took off.  The group napped on the trip, letting Todd, Alistair and Roger take turns driving.  They passed through to Fallout world with no incident and continued on toward CTS.

About one-hundred miles from the transition point to CTS, while Roger was driving, a band of motorized raiders pulled alongside the road.  There were two rebuilt Humvees, a quartet of rebuilt pickups, a rebuilt, wood-paneled school bus and a fairly modern and decent looking ten-wheeled truck.

Pinky:  "Ten wheels is too many."
Roger:  "Well, what would really be odd is if it had eleven."

Pinky:  "So, for me, it's like . . ."
Sherry (OOC):  "Ren Faire."

The raiders continued alongside for a short period before they turned hard, to go across the road—right where the Jitney was (thank you for rolling a 16 on your Danger Sense, then on Driving, Jerry).  One of the impacted the Jitney at about 40 miles and hour, and the Jitney slammed into one of the other trucks.  Sherry, unsecured, flew across the cabin (Kim rolled a 17 on her DX check) and slammed into the control console.  The rest of the party managed to survive with few, minor injuries.

Roger threw the Jitney into reverse (with a Humvee under their front end and a truck wrapped around the midsection) and tried to back up.  There was a horrible grinding, creaking, cracking noise and every engine-based idiot light on the console turned an angry red (thanks for that 17 on Driving, Jerry).  Pinky and Todd left the Jitney so Pinky could evaluate the damage to the Jitney (even though she had no idea how to fix it).

Alistair sees the school bus pull into position near the front of the Jitney and open its panels, unveiling a half-dozen 12-pounder cannons.  Alistair, being from a world without gunpowder, didn’t know what they were, specifically, but had a good idea it was bad.  Not certain of what would happen if those weapons went off, he threw Missile Shield on the Jitney.  It was the largest thing he’d ever tried to cover, and the mana drain both injured and exhausted him. 

He pulled himself to one of the beds to sleep it off while Sherry tried to clean herself up and bandage her bleeding forehead.

Pinky moved to the front of the Jitney as Todd moved to cover her exposed back.  The raiders began piling out of their vehicles and opened fire.  That was enough for Todd.  Weapons ready, he stepped out and began shooting raiders in the face.  After discovering that these raiders weren’t tough enough to survive one bullet to the face, let alone two, he was a bit more judicious with his ammunition.

The Broadside Battle Bus fired all six of its cannons at less than six yards to the Jitney.  The missile shield spell did its job and the six, massive projectiles veered off course, missing the crippled vehicle.  The crew on the bus watched, in amazement as the smoke cloud cleared, showing their target was utterly unscathed.

Roger moved from the driver seat into the gunner seat and tried to activate the grenade launcher (which Alistair had, thoughtfully, unlocked right before the crash).  He struggled to find the controls as he’d never used an automated turret before.

Sherry healed Alistair’s mana-burn injury then collapsed in another bed to rest.

When both of Todd’s revolvers were empty, the eight raiders that had moved to attack him and Pinky lay dead in the blistering, wasteland sun.  Satisfied with a job well-done, he knelt behind one of the wrecks to reload his guns.  As he did, a few of the raiders, near the ten-wheeled truck ducked behind it, opening the side.  It deployed a quartet of new-looking security droids. 

Pinky, looking under the Jitney at the Broadside Battle Bus, identified the magazine in the back of the bus.  She warned Todd to get under cover as she was going to shoot the magazine with her plasma caster.  Todd quickly hopped into the Jitney as Pinky aimed and fired.

The resulting explosion obliterated the BBB, destroyed the truck, the raiders behind it and the four droids moving toward them.  It also flipped the Jitney on its side (almost crushing Pinky).  Roger and Alistair took some minor damage (finally knocking Alistair out, even though he was taking “Do Nothing” maneuvers) from their straps.  While, Sherry strapped herself in incorrectly and was pummeled into unconsciousness in her bed (another 17, good job Kim).  While Todd, completely untethered, survived the flip with no damage (rolled a 4 on his DX check—he looked good doing it).

When the majority of the smoke cleared, Todd, Roger and Pinky (who were the only ones conscious) examined the wreckage and damage.

Pinky advised that the MHD Turbine that powered the Jitney was severely damaged.  She couldn’t repair it.  Even with Alistair’s magical help, she lacked the correct tools and parts to do so.  She set about gathering the robot debris to see if there was anything she might be able to scavenge from them to help.

Roger and Pinky discussed alternate forms of propulsion, including using the grenades from the now defunct launcher as a propulsion method.

Todd (OOC):  "Wait! Is he trying to 'power' us home with grenades?"
GM:  "Yeah.  He's trying to make a planetary Orion Drive."

Pinky advised that the Jitney was just too heavy for anything like that.  They then set about seeing if they could scavenge enough of a vehicle to make the run to CTS for help.

After a couple of hours of scavenging, and Pinky deciding to rebuild one of the robots for an additional pair of hands, Alistair woke up and joined them.  He, a master scavenger, helped find working components, but, also agreed with Pinky that the damage was too severe for them to repair in the field.  He also noticed a dust cloud approaching, and warned the party.  He and Roger moved inside the Jitney leaving Pinky (in her engineering armor) and Todd (who had pulled one of the RPGs CTS gave them out) watched a desert buggy pull up.

A man and a woman hopped out of the vehicle and examined the remains of the truck and bus (neither of which were on the road).  The man lamented the loss of such “ace salvage.”  Roger and Alistair both noticed that the woman kept looking over at the road—like she knew it was there, but couldn’t see the Jitney.

Roger grabbed some of the spare food packs, walked a way down and stepped off the road.  He talked with the man and woman about their vehicle and they informed him that they were scouts.  He tried to buy their vehicle (with a backpack full of food), but they declined him.  They offered to take him to a station where he could arrange passage to Junk Town, where he could probably get a vehicle for himself.

He talked (via radio) to the party, and agreed to go to the station.  He advised that he would take the good salvage they had and trade for a vehicle at the station.  He was told that wasn’t going to work as no one would willingly part with their vehicle this far out in the wasteland.  But, he was welcome to hop in and they’d take him.

They agreed to take him, Sherry and Todd (because Todd wasn’t letting the seriously-injured Sherry out of his sight) to the station.  Which, after a couple hours of driving, turned out to be a gas station with convenience store, and some other stuff built up over it, surrounded by a rusty metal fence.

Todd noticed a massive, heavily armed and armored 22-wheeled tractor-trailer rig parked inside the compound.  The rig appeared to be of modern construction with no rust or indications of wear or tear.  There were a couple of other, less-noteworthy vehicles, but, Todd kept a close eye on the massive rig.

The female scout, Amy, took Sherry and Todd into the convenience store and turned Sherry over to a pair of older people who she identified as healers.  They gave Sherry a powerful sedative and brought her and Todd to a cordoned off section.

Roger talked with Gil, the three-armed mechanic and owner of the station.  He advised that they didn’t have any parts for a MHD turbine, they’d have to check Junk Town for that.  But, he could get some of his hands and they could see about towing his vehicle to the station for safety.  He declined that, for the moment and proceeded to spend an hour trying to trade a back pack of food and some car parts for a working vehicle, but, as he had been warned, no one was willing to part with their vehicle so far from “civilization.” 

He finally, begrudgingly, asked Gil to take him to get Pinky and Alistair.

During this time, Pinky had finished rebuilding one of the robots, and had created “Lovely Assistant.”

Alistair discovered that the truck the robots had been housed in came from a robotic assembly plant about fifty miles from where the accident had happened.  Pinky, wisely, filmed the replay the truck’s windscreen showed them (nifty spell, that).

When Roger returned with Gil, Pinky and Alistair bundled up all of the useful scrap and rode back to the station.

While they were traveling Todd saw one of the healers approach Amy and have a brief conversation.  Amy returned with the healer to the hospital area where Todd couldn’t see.  It was about half an hour and the healer came back and put a deeply sleeping Sherry on the table next to Todd.  He was told she’d be fine, but would be sleeping it off for a while.  Todd barely noticed Amy return to Charlie (the male scout) and sit down.

Sherry woke up shortly before the party arrived and began trying every sort of food they offered at the restaurant area.  Weird, but tasty.

Back at the station, Roger tried, again, to convince the scouts to drop everything they were doing and give him and his friend a ride to their base.  They explained, ad nauseum that they couldn’t take him.  Bitter, he openly refused to help them with the information about the robot factory, until Alistair just ignored him, sat down and started talking to the scouts.

He discovered, A, the woman was very magical, and B, they were scouting for both the Broadside Battle Bus and the robot factory.  He informed them that the bus had been destroyed.

Pinky:  "I scienced the hell out of that bus!"

And that they had information as to where the factory was.  Charlie suggested that they go out to the rig (Rolling Thunder) and give that information to Mike.  Alistair agreed to do that. 

Alistair (with Pinky and a reluctant Roger) went and knocked on one of the van doors on the rig.  A man in advanced combat armor opened the door.  He eyed Pinky for a moment then asked what they wanted.  Alistair told him that they had information on where the robots came from.  Oh, and they blew up the Broadside Battle Bus.

The man, Mike, led them into the back of the combat rig, which was a high-tech command room where two other men, dressed like him waited.  One of his lieutenants pulled up a map of the area and carefully observed the video Pinky played for him.  The three men discussed, and the lieutenant pointed out that their pre-war records says that the building the robots were coming from was a vacuum cleaner repair facility.

Pinky asked what powered the rig and everyone’s ears perked up when Mike said it was powered by a pair of MHD Turbines.

They talked about Rolling Thunder (the Rig was Rolling Thunder 2, of 3).  The other two were back east.  This one came out to destroy the Broadside Battle Bus as it was a significant threat.  Knowing where the robot factory was, they were going to deploy their satellite uplink (Pinky:  “You guys have satellites?”) to get the information to their HQ and prepare a strike/recovery team.  They’d like to take the factory, but, if they couldn’t, they’d want to destroy it.

They offered to take the party to Junk Town, to arrange either for a vehicle to take them to CTS (they were aware of CTS), or to bring the Jitney to Junk Town for repairs.  They knew of mechanics who could recover the Jitney and do work on an MHD Turbine.

The party agreed, and bunked down in Rolling Thunder for the night.
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Session 5,

The party woke to breakfast on Rolling Thunder, with the massive rig already under way.  They were told they were only a couple of hours out, and to ignore those strange buzzing sounds—that was just the miniguns on the side of the van discouraging raiders from actually getting too close.

Stan, the Tactical Officer gave a brief overview of what they knew and had.  Rolling Thunder, the organization, was a highly-advanced military organization on the east coast.  They had all sorts of support vehicles, including some powered armor (like Pinky’s).  They didn’t like to bring it out west because of how dangerous it could be in the wrong hands.  However, a threat like the BBB meant they had to respond with overwhelming firepower, so, Rolling Thunder 2 being the closest, headed west.

He agreed that they’d really like to take the factor, but, if they couldn’t.  They’d probably park a mile off and shell it into oblivion with the two howitzers on the top of the van.  No, we can’t fire the heavy cannons while the rig is in motion, didn’t you learn physics?

He explained that CTS and Rolling Thunder were aware of each other, but didn’t like each other very much.  Rolling Thunder felt that CTS could do a lot of good in the area of wasteland they have easy access to, and CTS knows that a couple of the Rolling Thunder rigs could do a lot of damage to their facilities, as the rigs can be deployed as fully autonomous (and therefore, immune to terror caused by Shoggoths, not that Stan knows anything about Shoggoths) weapon platforms.

But, while the organizations don’t like each other much, Stan’s never had any issues with the handful of CTS people he’s encountered.  He also advised that Rolling Thunder was, at CTS’s suggestion trying to arm up, just in case the Reich gets past CTS.

They pulled into Junk Town about eleven am.  Mike gave each of the party members a card that had the Rolling Thunder logo on it, and a chip.  He explained that it was an IFF Card and, if they tried to approach Rolling Thunder without it, the miniguns would open up on them at about fifteen feet.

He helped the party get a cart to haul their salvage around to sell and then went off to talk to the mechanics.

The party explored Junk Town for a while.  At Alistair’s suggestion, they avoided the central bazaar, and tried to sell their salvage to individual dealers with shops.  This was slower, but safer.

Alistair:  "Has anyone asked 'how much for the kid' yet?"
GM:  "No, you haven't gone to the bazaar yet."

After selling all of their salvage (and resisting the urge to sell Lovely Assistant), they all heard a strange, but familiar noise.  Pinky, recognizing it instantly, took off in a run.  The ran into the residential section of the city to find a group of men examining a rifle-version of Pinky’s plasma caster.  Pinky approached the group and asked to see the weapon.  She was relieved to discover that, while the weapon still had power, the men had installed the hydrogen tank incorrectly and its fuel tank was now empty.

They discussed with the men where the weapon had come from, and one of them said that he got it in exchange for paying for a poor sap to be admitted in the hospital.  They found out how much he paid and offered him a bit more money for the rifle which he accepted, since it wasn’t working any more.  

As they headed to the hospital, Pinky advised that, with Rolling Thunder’s help and her suit, she could have the weapon fueled up in a couple of hours.

The found the hospital and inquired about the owner of the gun.  They were directed to the room with a severely injured man who was on his way off this mortal coil.  Sherry was certain her healing ability would do little except prolong his suffering.  They managed to get the remains of his clothes and arrange to speak with the doctor who treated him the next day.

His clothes were a starship engineering style jumpsuit.  Pinky located a tracking device embedded in the suit and removed it.  

They traveled to vehicle row to see about getting a vehicle.  They encountered Mike there with a mechanic who was quite willing to go get the Jitney and repair it, but, it wasn’t going to be cheap.  Even doing the work at Rolling Thunder’s rates (which were rather generous) it was more money than the party had.  The mechanic understood (MHD Turbines are high tech, and not cheap) and offered to loan them a vehicle for a couple of days to head to their HQ either for more money or to get their own recovery vehicle.  That worked out to a bit more than the party had, but Alistair and Sherry felt certain that they could make up the difference with some creative accounting.  The party retired to Rolling Thunder to discuss their options with Mike and the crew.

Back at Rolling Thunder, Pinky was able to refuel the plasma rifle.  With Alistair’s help (magical hacking is awesome), they were able to decrypt the tracking device and determine its point of origin, about twenty-or-so miles away.  Mike agreed that the plasma rifle was a larger threat to the area than the BBB ever would have been and agreed to assist the party in determining its point of origin.

GM:  "So, as night falls, and you've discussed everything with Mike back at Rolling Thunder, do any of you have anything you want to do in Junk Town, or just go to sleep?"
Alistair:  "Are there any bars in town?"
GM:  "Duh."
Roger:  "I don't think Roger'd want to drink any alcohol in this place."
Todd:  "I would have no problem drinking all the alcohol in this place."

The next morning, the party headed back to the hospital to talk to the doctor while Mike and his crew prepared for departure.

The doctor didn’t have much to say other than the victim was babbling about things being impossible when they brought him in.  “The guidance system said there was no port.”  “Highport was just not there, but it was obviously Earth.”  “The drive is just gone.”  Things like that.  Nothing that made any sense.

The party thanked her and returned to Rolling Thunder.  The massive rig headed back out into the wasteland, following the path the party gave them.

After about fifteen miles, they parked the rig, owing to the terrain turning too broken for the rig.  They deployed it on autonomous mode and insisted everyone know where their IFF card is at all times.

They trekked through the hot, dry desert (which sucked for Sherry and Roger; Alistair had hiking, Pinky’s suit has an air conditioner and this is Todd’s native environment).  They came across the remains of a mutant village that had been massacred.  It appeared a small, tracked vehicle (very small, like the size of a dune buggy) methodically moved through the village and slaughtered everyone.

Alistair pointed out that it even killed women and children, until Mike explained that, this breed of mutant doesn’t have sexes or children.  But, agreed with the sentiment—they weren’t hostile.  This wasn’t a preemptive strike, it was a mass murder.

They continued on until, just over a rise, they saw a massive, boxy space craft landed partially in a dune.  Pinky proclaimed it hers, and Mike and Alistair told her to be quiet because there were people at the ship.

Well, upon further inspection, a person and five robots.  One of the robots was a huge, tracked monstrosity with heavy weapons for arms.  The party got as close as they could, staying under cover, but still had at least two hundred yards to the ship.

Todd tried to flank the robots with his RPG (which he named Matilda), only to botch his stealth roll (16, not a critical failure).  The huge robot detected him and turned to go after him, but, after a moment the four combat bots, in the same style as the ones Lovely Assistant was created from, lumbered toward him, firing their lasers.

Todd managed to get under cover and tried to draw a bead on the robots with the launcher, but, as it’s not his trusty revolvers, the shot went wide and exploded against a rock some distance away.

Pinky sent Lovely Assistant down to try to parlay, only to have the tank bot move aggressively toward it.  Alistair also noted that someone was trying to hack Lovely Assistant and instructed Pinky to shut the bot down.

Pinky fired the plasma rifle at the tank bot and inflicted a modicum of damage through its heavy, frontal armor.  The robot, suddenly decided Todd was a bigger threat and turned around, exposing it’s thinner, rear armor.  (The robot critically failed a tactics roll to determine which weapon to use on Pinky.  “Hmm, minigun or missile launcher.  Oh, 18?  The threat is the discharged rocket launcher!  Tally-ho!”)  This let Pinky destroy the robot with a few more well-placed plasma shots (6dx3 (2) cr ex inc).

During this time, Sherry took the other direction to flank and managed to get close to the man who was standing behind one of the struts.  He looked to be dressed similarly to Todd (long duster, cowboy hat, shades, packing a massive handcannon).  He pointed the gun at her, and she asked if he wanted to see a magic trick.  He gave her a dismissive statement and she made him forget what he was just doing.

The man grabbed his head and swore.  Sherry dashed in and took the gun away from him.  He told her he didn’t know what she did, but—.  He vanished.  The remaining attack robots detonated, though they were too far to do any damage.

The party gathered at the ship and Sherry gave the gun to Todd who wanted to see it.  They examined the outer hull of the ship and Pinky declared that it was a space ship, and the hull was intact.  With Alistair’s help, they managed to unlock and cycle the airlock.
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Session 6
(Jerry did not make it to this session)

Pinky, alone, in her engineering armor, entered the ship.  She passed through the airlock and determined that the radiation inside the ship was lower than outside.  The ship seemed to be well-, if cheaply-, built.  Where they could replace advanced materials with heavier, simpler ones, they did.

After several minutes, she declared the ship safe, and again, reiterated her ownership of it.  Also, she dubbed the ship the Stalwart Empress.  The party embarked while Mike and the Rolling Thunder team stayed outside to secure the area to the best of their ability.  After getting a quick look, party split up to give the ship a once over.  Alistair and Roger went to the bridge to see if they could get information from the computer.  Pinky headed to where they figured engineering would be.  Todd and Sherry began a simple exploration, and wound up finding the lounge.

Todd discovered the automated bar and proceeded to drink himself into a stupor while Sherry discovered how to activate the entertainment console and watched cartoons.

Alistair tried to get a diagnostics of the ship after magicking the computer on the bridge, but it said the diagnostics had to be run from engineering.  Alistair was rather annoyed with the limited function of the computer.  It admitted that this was just a terminal, and he might have more success at the main computer, on the deck beneath the bridge.  Alistar left Roger to monitor the sensors (just in case) and went to the computer room to try get better information.  He was concerned that they hadn’t found any trace of the crew, and, by his count, the ship could support nine people (there were eight bunks and a Captain’s room—which Pinky claimed).

While Alistair was magicking the computer, Pinky radioed him and informed him that she’d found one of the crew.  She found half a body hanging out of the hatch to the engineering station.  Todd mumbled something incoherent through the radio and Sherry advised she was just going to keep an eye on him.  Alistair told Pinky to wait, and he’d join her, but she explained only one person could pass into engineering at a time.

Alistair changed his focus and brought up the cameras on the ship as Pinky cleared the body and prepared to enter the engineering bay.  

With some work, Alistair was able to bring up the limited internal cameras on the ship and could spot a pair of additional bodies in the ship’s cavernous bay, bringing his count to four (the half-body, the survivor in Junk Town, and the two he could see).  He discovered that the camera in engineering was malfunctioning and asked Pinky for an update.


Alistair stopped what he was doing, pulled his blaster, told Sherry to see about sobering up Todd, and headed to engineering.  He found Pinky, standing dumbfounded, in the cramped space, her armor blocking him from passing.  However, beyond her, he could see something that clearly didn’t belong.

One of the machines was mostly missing, as if it had been ripped away, with no damage to the systems around it.  The base of the machine was present, apparently generating a blue energy field that was levitating one of the hex-columns from the road.

Alistair managed to snap Pinky out of her stupor and she explained that the machine where the column is should be the hyperdrive on a ship of this size.  She admitted that she wasn’t an FTL specialist, so, she didn’t know what it was doing.  Alistair suggested she start the diagnostics and see what she could learn (as this was beyond his expertise).

He returned to computer and sent Sherry, Pinky and Roger to search the cargo bay while he tried to get the logs pulled up.

The search of the cargo bay turned up another body (or, a foot, sticking out from under a heavy crate that had fallen), they didn’t let Sherry search much after she found that, sending her back to the lounge to keep an eye on Todd (who was now sleeping on the pool table).

Alistair was able to pull up the ship’s camera logs and was able to get the last few hours of the crew’s life.  He identified nine, distinct, people, including the “survivor” in Junk Town.

The ship acted like it struck something dropping out of hyperspace.  This caused an “explosion” (unlike anything Alistair or Pinky had ever seen) in engineering which “evaporated” one of the engineers, and dissolving the bottom part of the one who got caught in the hatch.  This “explosion” also disabled the camera in engineering, so that was all they could see from that.  Also, the moment of the “explosion,” all of the screens went fuzzy and the computer feedback was sporadic.

The shaking of the ship caused cargo to fall, crushing the captain who was playing catch with another crewman.  Two of the other crew, in a panic, crawled into a robofac, and were crushed to death by its internal mechanics as it was active at the time.

The pilot and the “survivor” met on the bridge, with the pilot admitting that he had no idea where they were.  That telemetry said it was Earth, but nothing was right.  There were no navigational satellites, the High Port was missing, customs wasn’t answering hails, the computer was failing.  And that he wasn’t sure how to land the ship on anything other than tarmac.

At that point the log ended with the computer explaining that some sort of corruption occurred and the system had to hard reset.  I only came back up when Alistair rebooted it upon accessing it from the bridge.

He directed Pinky and Roger to police the remaining bodies and clear out the robofac (which appreciated getting those squishy biological components out of its innards).  He met with everyone in the Lounge, letting Todd sleep, to explain his findings.  He was seriously concerned about the missing pilot still being on the ship.

Pinky assured everyone that he wasn’t.  She’d examined the entire ship, including the crawl space under the cargo bay (which she had to do sans armor).  She also advised that, while the ship is completely intact, other than the hyperdrive, it had suffered some minor damage in the rough landing.  The main landing gears couldn’t retract.  In order to fix this, without a dock facility, she’d have to take the ship into orbit.  She advised that this wasn’t a serious issue as this is what she does.  Also, the ship needed “scheduled” maintenance.  It’s crew had been neglecting it, so there might be other issues that the computer hadn’t noticed yet.

Sherry objected to leaving without knowing what happened to the pilot.  She pointed out that, from what they’d all learned, it was obvious he didn’t belong on this world any more than they did and it would be wrong to leave him.  Alistair agreed.  Pinky was convinced that they needed to find the pilot, or whatever was left of him before they could really leave.

They brought the Rolling Thunder crew on and moved the ship to a safe distance from the Rig.  Mike agreed that they needed to find pilot, as he might have another one of those plasma rifles.  Alistair assured him that he didn’t: Alistair had found the ship’s armory and accounted for all of the weapons.  The only ones that were missing was one plasma rifle, currently in Pinky’s possession, and one survival laser rifle.

Rolling Thunder agreed that was good enough (they knew how to deal with laser weapons) and took their leave, stating that they’d stay in Junk Town for several days before heading back east, if the party wanted to look them up.

The party secured the ship while Alistair used the ship’s sensors to lock in on the pilot’s homing beacon.  It was several miles away.  The party discussed heading out, but agreed, since night was falling, they would be better served by staying put, and traveling during daylight hours.

Alistair checked the ship’s navigation system, and it showed that the hyperdrive was still present.  The data the hyperdrive was returning didn’t make any sense to it (or to Alistair, and later Pinky, but neither of them were astrogators).  Alistair kept a note of the values it was showing, for later analysis.

Pinky let Sherry sleep with her in the Captain’s room.  Alistair and Roger slept in bunks and Todd continued his prolonged nap on the pool table.

During the night, Todd was awakened by the .44 Magnum they had taken from the robot controller talking to him.

“Todd, wake up.  We have much to discuss.”

The gun identified itself as Warmonger.  It promised him help in getting what he wanted if he would assist it in getting what it wanted:  blood and bodies.  Todd agreed and went back to sleep.

The next morning, Pinky navigated the ship to as close to the tracking device as possible, before landing.  Leaving Roger behind to watch the ship, the party moved out, with Pinky tracking the signal from her suit.  They moved through some very broken, rough terrain where they were set upon by a trio of skeletal, nearly zombified, bears.

Todd and Warmonger easily dispatched the creatures.  Alistair noticed that Todd was using the .44, but, as he didn’t know much about gunpowder weapons, he simply assumed that he had traded up.  As the fight ended, he noticed that there were other animals all running their way.  Not toward them but away from something else.  These three poor beasts weren’t attacking them, they were fleeing.

Knowing something bad was about to happen, Alistair cast great haste.  On Todd.

A sixteen-foot tall monster with yard-long claws, horns and teeth barreled into the group with barely enough time to notice.  With one massive claw, it swiped at Pinky (who was in the front) and threw her ten feet.  Her suit injected her with anti-shock drugs and did emergency work to seal itself.

In true John-Woo style, Todd kited and danced with the mighty Deathclaw, shooting it, time and again, in the face.  Even Lovely Assistant helped with its built in laser rifle.  With both guns “empty,” the massive beast finally expired.  Pinky moved up and, with her plasma torch began cutting off one of its horns, offering the other to Todd as a trophy.

Alistair suggested they bring the entire beast back to the ship, for skinning and rendering as something that tough would probably be worth something.  Oh, and let’s make dusters out of that thing’s nearly bullet-proof hide.  A quick scan showed that the tracking device they were following was inside the creature’s belly.  So, it, obviously, ate the pilot.

The party returned to the ship where, after some disassembly, Sherry made some deathclaw burgers while Pinky slept off her drugs.  The robofac objected to the suggestion that it would be able to disassemble the deathclaw (“Look, I make stuff.  Don’t put squishy, raw biological components in me—only processed biological materials accepted!).

The next morning, healed by Sherry, but still sore, Pinky flew the ship back to where they left the Jitney.  As they approached, the sensors did detect the road, even though they couldn’t see it from the ship until they were almost on top of it.

Using the ship’s external loading arm, they “gently” put the Jitney upright, inside the cargo bay.

They then followed the road toward CTS, landing the ship’s insistent “minimum safe distance” of several hundred yards from what it identified as a “Hyperspace Anomaly.”  Buttoning up the Stalwart Empress, the party walked the last distance into the transition area, back to CTS to report.
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All right, that catches us up to date.  Session 7 will be 12/4.
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Session 7

The party passed through into CTS, to be greeted by security.  They were taken through customs again, where Warmonger was catalogued (but only listed as a .44 mangum revolver).  Roger was returned to his world, via the Hypercube with coordinates set by Ana, who stated that it would put him in his world five or so minutes after she left, so right near the time he was looking for.

The party gave their report on what they had experienced, but left the finding of the ship off the record.  CTS requested the list of parts they would need to repair the Jitney and set about securing them.  The party requested access to the information Ana left about transporting Roger.  CTS took them to the room where a pair of Elder Things were, at some level, pouring over the math, looking to understand it.  The party also examined Ana’s TL 12^ math for setting the coordinates for the Hypercube.  After a while, the two Elder Things who were trying to make sense of it allowed themselves to be interviewed to see if they could get inspiration on understanding from the party.

Alistair took Ana’s math and the Demon Grimoire they took from Karl and tried to reverse engineer the spell, but had no luck.  He showed the information from the “hyperdrive” to the Elder Things who admitted that, without the proper framework for the math, they couldn’t understand it either.

The party discussed what to do to get the Jitney repaired, and decided to tell them that it was at Junk Town, and they needed to bring the parts.  Pinky knew that, without planetary dock facilities, she needed to take the Stalwart Empress into space to repair the landing gear.  She advised that, while Lovely Assistant is useful, it’s not rated for vacuum work yet (she needs to get more parts for that).

The party agreed that they would have Pinky and Alistair take the ship into space to repair the gear while Todd and Sherry took the parts to Junk Town, along with several boxes of bullets for currency to get the Jitney towed there and repaired.  They knew that Rolling Thunder would still be there and would be able to use their satellite array to talk to the Empress.

The plan lost all cohesion when Pinky got onto the bridge of the Empress and discovered numerous warning lights glowing an angry red.  She discovered that the hyperdrive was overloading and needed to dissipate the energy it had accumulated and recalibrate in microgravity.  She advised the party that they needed to launch very soon.

GM:  “There a bunch of warning lights on the bridge.”
Pinky:  “Like a check engine light?”
GM:  “Pretty much, yes.  The hyperdrive is listing an overload, and needs to recalibrate in zero gravity.”
Sherry (OOC):  “One of them says ‘Tilt.’”

Alistair looked at the data coming from the hyperdrive.  While all of the numbers, previously, had been fractional, between zero and one (showing one only when they were landed on the road), they were now in the sixty or seventy digit numbers and growing exponentially.

As they were preparing the plan, Warmonger told Todd not to let the ship leave without him being on it.  He protested that he couldn’t leave Sherry behind and the ancient weapon told him to bring her if he needed to, but do not let the ship leave without him.  Todd explained that they were getting on the ship and drove the truck with parts into the cargo bay.  

They took the requisite time to lash the truck down and Pinky launched the ship.  Todd retired to the lounge to drink.  Alistair went to the computer room to monitor the hyperdrive (as he didn’t want to be in the same room as it).  Sherry sat in the co-pilot’s seat and watched Pinky fly the ship.

As the ship rose through the atmosphere, and eventually past low Earth orbit, heading for geosynchronous orbit, Pinky observed that the ship was shaking a lot worse than would be expected for the damaged landing gear throwing off the flight envelope.  She didn’t have much time to verbalize this as all of the warning lights kicked in and all of the monitors displayed “Hyperdrive Jump in Progress.”

Reality took a left-angle turn.  Todd figured he’d found a particularly potent form of alcohol and asked for another.  Alistair was shaken, but otherwise unscathed.  While Sherry avoided any unpleasantness from the actual transit, Pinky did not, and promptly vomited all over the young girl.

Sherry (OOC):  “By ‘anti-nausea medication’ she means she’s going to join Todd [in the bar].”
Pinky:  “Deathclaw doesn’t taste any different coming back up.”

Once Pinky recovered, while Sherry was getting a shower, they discovered that they had moved laterally in space.  The computer was incredibly confused as it knew the hyperdrive activated, but they were in the same spot they were, over Earth.  But, it was all wrong because there was no high or low port and the pollution levels hadn’t been like this since the early twenty-first century.

Alistair noted that the hyperdrive values had reset to zero, and were slowly going up again, but were still fractional.  He calculated that they had between 160 and 168 hours before this would occur again, unless they could figure out how to control the hyperdrive.  He told the party they only had about five days to figure out what they were going to do.

Pinky pointed out that, regardless of their location, the ship still needed repairs and she needed someone to help her with them.  She gave a quick vaccsuit safety lesson and elected Alistair to EVA with her to repair the ship.  After some initial resistance, Alistair discovered several of his spells provided Pinky with an incredible bonus (+5 to mechanic skill was a huge help), and they managed to get the landing gear repaired in twelve hours.

After bedding down for the night, they discussed their options.  Alistair wanted to see if he could get any understanding from the hyperdrive, and wanted to cast some spells on it.  Sherry observed that they might want to land to do that, since they didn’t know what was going to happen, and she felt safer on the ground.  

Alistair hacked into a near-by telecommunication satellite (with a critical success), and announced that the ship now had free cable.  He was able to track all of the information about the ship.  They did some research, and watched a couple of movies, to determine the world.  Alistair advised that he could spoof the lower-tech sensors and media long enough for the ship to land.

Alistair:  “We’ll stay traditional:  I’ll spoof them, you land the ship in a corn field in Iowa.”
Pinky:  “We just need to drop leaflets.”
Alistair:  “Yeah, we’ve got stacks of Thousand-Year-Reich propaganda – make it Idaho.”

After a hard critical success (rolled a 3), Alistair reverse propaganda’d the internet to debunk the ship sighting and covered their landing in Iowa.

Pinky and Lovely Assistant set to repairing the Jitney, while Alistair, Todd and Sherry went to study the hyperdrive.  The plan was that, should Alistair lose an arm, Sherry could heal it.  If necessary, Todd could drag him away from the hyperdrive.  None of that was necessary, but the spell failed and Alistair took some time to rest.

While this was happening, Wells Highwind, paranormal investigator, was preparing to leave Podunk, Iowa in the early afternoon.  He witnessed a farmer being thrown out of a bar (at one in the afternoon) being significantly more than three sheets to the wind.

The man was talking about how aliens had landed in his neighbor’s corn field.  It was spraying a massive chemtrail as it came down.  Being the most interesting thing he’d seen since he got to Iowa, Wells talked with the drunkard and took him home, to see what had happened for himself.

Being equally happy to find paranormal activity or to debunk fake activity, Wells found himself gob smacked when he crested a hill and spotted The Stalwart Empress.

The ships sensors alerted a resting Alistair to the presence of a human approaching the ship.  Alistair promptly hacked Wells’ phone and called him from his mother’s number while researching who the man was.  Wells ignored the call, then remembered that, where he was, there was no phone signal.  Moments later, Alistair, having found Wells’ webpage, called him back as the CIA.

Wells answered the phone by stating that it was a good trick.  Alistair (who’s British) invited him onboard for a drink.  After some talking, he agreed and boarded the Empress.  Alistair and Sherry greeted him and took him to the lounge where he got to meet Todd.

He was still certain that this was a hoax.  An elaborate, well-thought-out hoax.  Eventually, Pinky joined them and further confused Wells.  After showing him what passed for their hyperdrive (and Pinky being fairly happy that she had no idea how it worked) she then showed him some of the videos of their adventures which caused him to realize that, while they may be crazy, they weren’t making it up.
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Awesome quotes that didn't really fall into the story as it was being told:

Alistair:  “So, you’re telling me that the deathclaw burger is an everlasting gobstopper.”
Wells (OOC):  “You want to cast schematic on a cosmic rock . . . you’re braver than I.”

Pinky:  “Do you want us to come down there and probe you or not?”
Alistair:  “Aliens II, Electric Boogaloo was the best one!”
Pinky:  “You’re going to wipe his memory, right Sherry?”
Alistair:  “There are more things on Heaven and Earth, Horiatio—“
Pinky:  “Why are you quoting Brittney Spears at me?”
Alistair:  “Oh, now that’s just wrong!”
Pinky:  “I can see why you called me up here—this is fun.”
Alistair:  “It’s not every day you get to be ‘The Great and Powerful Oz.’”
Todd:  “Can we do that?  Can I just shoot him in the leg?”
Sherry:  “Play nice.”

Alistair:  “Like Christopher O’Riley discovering the West Indies.”
Pinky:  “Who?”
Alistair:  “The man who discovered the new world.”
Pinky:  “No, that was Beyonce!”
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Added a new character, because Roger returned to his world:

Wells Highwind:  (no relation to Cid) A paranormal investigator with retrocognition, clairvoyance, psychic detection and some TK.  Started work as a Private Investigator, but discovered the paranormal stuff paid better.  Enjoys both aspects of the paranormal investigation angle, if it’s real, he wants to know what is going on, and if it’s fake, he wants to prove it and figure out what’s going on.

When I made Wells, with Jerry in mind (and I told him all of this), I thought about giving him the delusion that magic wasn’t real.  I decided that it wasn’t a good idea.  It would have been funny (and Jerry got a laugh out of it), and it made sense for the character.  But, knowing that Alistair used magic, it would have been more friction than Jerry wanted (and I knew that).  He agreed that he would play the character that way, to start, because it made sense, but he didn’t want it on the sheet (maybe as a quirk, but he’d rather figure those out himself).

I told him that I also considered going the other way—full kook.  Give him the delusion of “Everything is paranormal!”  He thought it was funny, but really wouldn’t have liked that.  I told him that it was a suggested disadvantage from GURPS Psionic Powers, and I thought it was funny, but would have only put it on there as a joke.  Because, I couldn’t imagine him trying to play that for too long.

Matt, on the other hand, would have run with that.
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Session VIII

Session 8

The game began with Pinky offering to follow through with Alistair’s suggestion of taking Wells to Mars.  He agreed with the idea (not 100% sure he believed them yet.  But, before he went anywhere with them, he wanted to bring his car.

Pinky, realizing that her engineering armor might draw undue attention, decided she would stay at The Stalwart Empress and continue trying to extricate the mess that was the Herkimer’s engine out from the chassis so they could insert the new engine.  Todd, misunderstanding what Wells meant by “mustang” wanted to go along to see the horse.  Alistair, not fully trusting Wells agreed with Pinky’s suggestion of going with him, and taking Sherry, just in case he made a break for it.

As the four made the trek to the farmhouse, Sherry and Wells noticed a pair of robed individuals examining the car.  The two noticed the party and ran inside the house.  Sherry explained that they didn’t look human to her—they had three lights where their faces should be, and a lot of hard angles.

Wells blew his stack that they were bothering his car and began looking it over.  Alistair noticed that they used the malfunction spell on the car, so it wasn’t going to start.  About that time, one of the creatures stepped out of the house.   It cast some sort of air spell that threw Sherry (ST 8 with skinny) four yards.  Todd, not directly in the line of the blast, caught the small girl and cushioned her fall.  Wells fell to the ground from the air blast and Alistair, with panache and style (and a critical success on an acrobatics roll), rode the gust and landed on the other side of the car.

Seeing that Todd was currently “tied up” with Sherry, Alistair pulled his blaster and ran toward the porch.  He realized, almost immediately, that the creature at the door was a cloak-clad, staff-carrying . . . robot.  It cast another spell as he approached, causing him to stop several yards away and cover the robot with his blaster.  One good thaumatology roll later and he realized that the robot was holding a Sleep spell, obviously meant for him.  Alistair tried talking to the robot, who did not respond.

Todd, Sherry and Wells got to their feet, and, in a fit of rage (well, okay, a critical failure on fast-draw) Todd threw his guns on the ground.  (This is a pattern for Todd this session.)

The robot, quickly stepped back inside and Alistair, attempting to get it to come back out and talk (because magic-using robots were completely unheard of in his world—which had both robots and magic).  He tried convincing it that Todd was trying to show they just wanted to talk and threw his guns down to show his peaceful intent.

Sherry gave Todd his guns back.  Alistair, moved to the corner of the house, by the porch, and scanned to see if he could find if the robots were using any sort of wi-fi.  A couple of good rolls later, he had hacked their wi-fi, but didn’t understand anything they were saying.  He was, however, able to locate four robots, three in the front area, and one moving around the rear-areas of the house.

Pinky (botching every perception check at the ship to overhear the tactical discussion) merrily worked on the Herkimer.

Wells moved next to the door, and closed his eyes, concentrating on his clairvoyance.  Todd moved up behind Alistair while Sherry went to the other side of the house.  Alistair carefully opened one of the windows, and let Todd inside.  On the other side of the house, Sherry found an unlocked window and snuck herself in as well.

After a tactical briefing from Alistair, Todd ran into a swinging door and slammed into one of the robots (with a critical hit, but no extra effect).   The robot (with 20 HP vs Todd’s 12) didn’t fall, but did stumble a bit away from the door.

Todd reviewed the situation and shot the robot at the door in the head, hitting twice, with his .357, and the one he slammed into, twice, with Warmonger (hitting with two of four shots, after using the Multi-Shot Imbuement, from Warmonger).  The robot a the door, barely noticed the hits (DR 5, Unliving, and the highest damage he rolled on those attacks was 8 ).  The other robot, (using the Penetrating Strike Imbuement Warmonger taught him), fared much worse from Warmonger’s large-piercing damage.  It was seriously hurt, but not brought down.

Wells heard the shooting and stopped concentrating.  Pinky (and Lovely Assistant) both heard the gunfire through the tactical comms and asked Alistair what Todd was shooting.  Alistair gave an assessment, and told Pinky she shouldn’t bring her suit, as the robots could probably take it over.  She proceeded, grudgingly, to exit her suit, grab one of the plasma rifles, and headed out to the party (not that she gets there anytime before the fight was over . . .).

Todd stepped around and shot the robot at the door, emptying his .357, and doing another 3 points of over-all damage.  He shot the robot in the corner, with Warmonger scoring a critical hit and knocking it down.  Sherry dashed into the room and shoved her stungun into the downed robot’s “face.”  The robot critically failed its HT check and powered down.

Wells cracked the door, to look in, and was noticed by the robot at the door.  It threw its held sleep spell on him (it hadn’t dropped it during the fight or being shot in the head by Todd).  Wells made his save and threw the doors open.  Alistair took a shot at the robot, but his blast missed, and blew a hole in the door.

The robot hit Wells with a lightning bolt, doing minimum damage (it was the suck).  Alistair took another shot and this time it connected, doing some serious damage to the robot.

Todd, using one of the two remaining bullets from Warmonger, fired into the robot watching the door, hitting with another critical hit, knocking it down and taking it to -8 HP, it failed its HT check and powered down.  Sherry dashed over and swung her stungun at the still standing robot, but missed.

The remaining, seriously injured robot, threw force dome around itself.  Warmonger told Todd not to waste a shot as he hadn’t been shown how to shoot through the magical field.  Todd alerted Alistair that the robot did something magic.  Alistair tried to get in, but, as he ran over, the robot also cast spell wall, to protect itself from Alistair’s spells.  Moments later, the two remaining robots (one stayed in the back), vanished.

They awaited Pinky’s arrival, and she ordered Lovely Assistant to bring the truck they got from CTS to the house to help recover the two, downed robots.  Alistair tried to cast Seek Machine, looking for spaceships, and could only find The Stalwart Empress.  He then tried to shut down the robot’s wi-fi signal, just in case.  He was able to shut the second one’s down, as the first one had already suffered catastrophic damage to its data core from Sherry’s stun gun.  He also noticed that, the two inert robots, now, were not magical.  Their staves were, but they were not.

Wells was relieved that the spell affecting his car faded after a minute.  Pinky and Sherry were concerned that the house appeared to have residents, but they couldn’t find them.  The party loaded the robots into the truck, noting that they were a bit heavier than they should be, and they were ceramic, not metal.

Back at the ship, after lashing down Wells’ Mustang, everyone (save Todd) went to the “garage” to examine the robots.  Sherry, suggested that they didn’t need to be on Earth to do the examination, and, space would probably be safer.  Pinky and Alistair agreed.  Pinky critically succeeded her piloting roll, and landed the Empress on a conveniently-located NEMO, protecting them from casual observation.

Todd (Rolling dice):  “Yes!  I critically hit the bar!”

Pinky, with Alistair’s thaumatological assistance, were able dismantle the robot Sherry helped fry.  They discovered that there were two hatches in the robot.  One lead to a five-inch cube, attached to some life-support equipment.  The other, led to a bay where four C-Cells were plugged in.  After some debate about the cubes holding very small mages that controlled the robots, Alistair realized that these were abduction chambers.  The robots would put their target to sleep, shrink them, and carry them off inside them.

Alistair advised that the robots were made with magic in mind.  All of their circuits and internal structures were laid out in arcane patterns.  But, not, by a living mage.  The logic and use of space could only have been designed by a computer—a magic using and understanding computer.

This disturbed the elf greatly.  As he continued to explore the robot (and bringing Todd down so he could show everyone where the robots were the most vulnerable), he discovered a “daughter board” connected to the four C-type energy cells.  After some additional research, he discovered that the daughterboard had a self-contained circuit that, when powered up, cast Draw Power and Lend Energy, providing the robot with magical energy from the electrical energy stored in the power cells.  They were accessible from the outside incase the robot had to “recharge” during a fight.

Alistair took the other robot and carefully downloaded its memory to a secure file (and rolled a 3!).  He was able to determine that the robots were not sapient.  Which was confusing to him on multiple levels.  Also, there were, basically, three structures in the memory:  An arcane operating system (literally, arcane—magic-based).  An arcane database which seemed to be the robot’s spell memory.  And, finally, a fairly mundane data structure that had lots of information that didn’t pertain to magic.  It did include the robot’s mission to the house, which was to determine the source of the dimensional disturbance in the area.  They were securing the house before they moved out to the actual disturbance (which was The Stalwart Empress).

Wells demanded to know what they wanted with his car, and Alistair explained that, since the car didn’t belong to the people who owned the house, the drunk man Wells had escorted to his own abduction, they were trying to determine its threat.  

Alistair found a nested, encrypted, database, which he gleefully hacked with his quantum computer (which, he also observed, probably wasn’t rated for a magical OS).  It included a number of dossiers on cross-time threats (in which the party was not located).  He did observe that, whoever was responsible for the robots were apparently terrified of some entity designated “Blackwolf.”  As Alistair gave an overview, Sherry tried to bring Wells up to speed on the various organizations they were aware of.

Wells:  “Superheroes, like Clark Kent is Superman, superheroes?”
Sherry (messing with Wells):  “WHAT?  Clark Kent is Superman?  He’s just a blogger for the Daily Planet in my world!  He’s not Superman.”

He also noticed that they had Anastasia Alistair listed, as existing in multiple realities, and they had targeted the one in this world for abduction.

The party agreed that they should go rescue Ana, as there’s no telling what the robots had in store for her.  They located an abandoned prison near her home in Chicago and, with another good set of rolls from Alistair and Pinky, landed the ship in the prison’s yard.

Preparing a two-pronged attack on Ana’s home, Wells and Sherry parked nearby, while the others charged from the rear.  Alistair observed six wi-fi signatures in the house.  As Wells and Sherry exited the Mustang, one of the robots came out of the garage and zapped Wells with a lightning bolt (for not quite) minimum damage.  Alistair ran for some bushes and dove for cover, dodging another lightning bolt.

Sherry propped up one of the ship’s laser rifles on the trunk of the car and, after a moment of aiming, lit the robot up, blowing out its power core.  The robot dropped.

At the front door, another robot stepped out and Sherry took aim at that one.  Wells ran into the garage and confronted a human man in a grey suit.  He managed to TK the man’s gun arm up, so it wasn’t aiming at him.  The robot a the front door, still able to see Wells, zapped him, stunning him.

Another aimed shot from the laser rifle, and Sherry dropped the second robot.

They grey suited man tried to grab Wells, who managed to dodge and recover from being stunned.  As another robot stepped out of the house, Sherry stood up to get the grey-suited man’s attention.  She stunned the man, as Todd came around the corner and raised Warmonger to shoot the man in the head at point-blank range.  And promptly rolled a 17.  Missing.

Wells dodged into the garage as the robot at the front of the house charged toward Sherry and a fourth one stepped out.   Knowing that Sherry didn’t have much chance against the robot, having had no time to aim, Todd stepped away from the man and shot the robot attacking Sherry down.  The grey-suited man recovered from being stunned and tried to bring his gun on Todd.  Sherry, watching him, hit him with her memory ability again.  She rolled quite well (made it by 8 ), and the man . . . critically failed his check—Sherry, inadvertently, wiped his entire memory.

Wells ran through the house to see another man, in a black suit, staring out the window with the last robot.  The two had cast force dome, and were in the process of casting their spell walls.  Wells was unable to affect them with his psychokinesis.

Sherry’s memory ability, being a cosmic power, however, kept the black-suited man stunned until his spells ran out of energy.  Alistair tried to dispel the spell wall, but couldn’t beat the robot’s resistance.  After several, exhausting tries (while he was operating under Great Haste), the robot teleported away.

They restrained the men (well, man, one of them is going to need more help than they can provide), and Alistair discovered that they were both cyborgs.  He disabled their wi-fi signals and put them, with the damaged robots, in the truck.

Wells located a tranquilized Ana, wrapped up in a blanket.  Alistair wondered why they didn’t shrink her (and assumed she was under a sleep spell).  Wells, doing a quick search of Ana’s room, threw her lap top in a bag, as well as a bunch of clothes.  The party, knowing the police were likely on their way, bundled Ana up in the Mustang, with Wells and Sherry inside and drove back to the ship.

ETF:  I didn't want Cool, I was ending a parenthetical statement with an 8!  Bloody software!
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