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Author Topic: Infinite Weirdos (or, How I learned to stop worrying or--nope, still worrying!)  (Read 2150 times)
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« Reply #30 on: March 31, 2017, 10:14:03 AM »

Sorry for the misunderstanding--with everything going on, my brain is just fried.
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« Reply #31 on: October 12, 2017, 04:53:52 PM »

I am ramping up for Season 2 of Infinite Weirdos to begin 11/5 (assuming everyone can make it that weekend).

Where did Ana and Alistair go?
How will Wells, Pinky and Todd get back to The Stalwart Empress?
What does ISWAT have in store for Sherry?
Can this rag-tag group of malcontents save her?

All this, and more, in Season 2 of Infinite Weirdos!
Stay Tuned.
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« Reply #32 on: November 06, 2017, 05:46:34 PM »

Infinite Weirdos:  Season 2
Episode 1
(Alistair’s player got delayed at a birthday party with his son and never made it.  Which sucked.  I had to rebuild part of the plot on the fly so the game dragged down a little in the middle.  Additionally, Jerry has bowed out of the game, so Wells is on autopilot.)
Reeling from the flashbang attack, Todd managed to gather his wits, but it was too late.  The Homeliners had managed to snatch Sherry and depart in their conveyor.  To add insult to injury, the explosives they threw in Wells’ car went off, destroying the usefulness of the vehicle.   
As Wells recovered, Todd could hear the sirens that indicated the police were far closer than they should have been.  Todd reached down for his guns, planning to fight his way out.  Warmonger reminded him that, while they could kill all of the foes that came now—he wasn’t powerful enough to kill all of the authorities this world could throw at him.
Noticing that Pinky was still feeling the deleterious effects of the flashbangs, Todd threw her over his shoulder and told Wells to follow him and they ran off away from the sounds of the police (and the smoking car . . .).
They didn’t have to go too far before they managed to find a show home.  Todd set Pinky down and set out jimmying the lock . . . only to discover that the door was originally unlocked and, congratulations, he had managed to lock them out.  Wells pointed out that he could TK the lock, and got them in, before anyone had noticed them.
Once inside, the trio hid out of site, and Todd managed to bring Pinky around.  She told him of the terrible nightmare she had, where someone had shown up and kidnapped Sherry.  Todd (on the verge of tears, which is rare for the hardened veteran) explained that it wasn’t a nightmare, it was what happened.
Pinky:  “Someone get me a radioactive isotope and I can fix this!”
They discussed their options, and Pinky discovered that she couldn’t raise The Stalwart Empress on radio.  Nor could she contact Lovely Assistant, or Marshall or Samwise.  It was like the ship wasn’t there anymore.
As Pinky freaked out about being stuck in the stone age, Todd noticed a car pull up out front.  A black-haired woman slid out of the car and drew a gun, while watching the house.  The trio watched her for a bit as Todd drew his guns and suggested taking her car to get back to the ship.
Pinky:  “Don’t shoot her; we don’t know if she’s a bad guy.”
Todd:  “She’s got her gun drawn!”
Pinky:  “So do you!”
Todd looked around for a way out and saw, in the back yard, a large yellow lab sitting, watching him inside.  Todd holstered his guns and snuck into the kitchen (near the sliding back door) and looked for dog treats.  He realized that the refrigerator in the kitchen was a display, and not hooked up to anything.  Which set him wondering about why there was a dog in the back yard.
He advised Wells and Pinky that he would distract the dog, and they should flee through the back yard, and try to get around front to steal the woman’s car.  A bit of talk indicated that Wells thought he could hotwire the car with his TK, should they need it.
As Todd watched the dog, he realized that it wasn’t acting normal in any sense of the word.  It was watching him.  It wasn’t panting.  Its tail wasn’t wagging.  While its ears were perked, they were trained on him.  He realized this wasn’t going to go well, so decided to go with the others and peaked around the corner of the house to see a handsome man standing, leaning against the gate.  Todd pulled his guns and covered the (apparently) unarmed man.
After a bit of back and forth (and Pinky’s insistence that Todd not shoot anyone), the unarmed man identified himself as Duncan and warned Todd that the dog, behind him, had the drop on him.  When the woman came out the back door, she identified herself as Detective Kandra Alishira, and Duncan was her partner.  The dog, Ace, was Duncan’s dog.  Todd suggested they retire to the house to talk.
As they danced (inarticulately) around the reason they were there, Ace (yes, the dog) finally started talking and said that they were aware of the ship that left.  The cops admitted they were actually on their way to check out the Empress’ landing site, when the call came in for the attack here in suburbia.  Todd wanted to know how they were able to narrow their location down so quickly.
Todd:  “How did you find us?”
Ace:  “I’m a very good dog.”
Some more discussion and the determination that Ace was a very advanced robot (and Pinky snuggling up to Ace, as she was missing her advanced technology), they also learned that Duncan and Ace, like them, were not native to this timeline.  They weren’t sure how to get the others out (Duncan’s travel tends not to be voluntary, and, when it is, his ship only has room for, maybe, one extra person, if they don’t mind Ace sitting on their lap).  Kandra made the statement that she would “go to the palace and see what the Queen thinks.”  But, first, they decided to go to the landing spot for the ship and look around. 
Pinky:  “Beyonce’s been dead for years.”
Kandra:  “No, she’s alive.  See, here’s her newest music video.”
Pinky (OOC):  “Suddenly, I don’t want to leave anymore.”
Duncan (OOC):  “Isn’t there something in your scriptures about worshiping false American Idols?”
The entire area was in ruins.  Ace pointed out that he could detect the space time scars of, probably, three Homeline conveyors.  Only two of them left, as the third was in the affected area of a massive scar caused by a form of dimensional travel he was unfamiliar with.
Ace:  “Your ship had some . . . non-standard parts, didn’t it?”
Pinky:  “Dude, you have no idea.  We have no idea.”
Realizing that there was nothing to gain at the ship, the group decided to break for lunch (and pizza).  Kandra dropped them at the police station to get Duncan’s car, and she would head to the palace.
Pinky (upon being told about pizza):  “That sounds cancer-inducing.”
Ace:  “That hasn’t been proven—yet.”
They discussed the situation and Homeline.  They came to the conclusion that Homeline had to have a presence in this timeline and, when they arrived, sent word for reinforcements.  They asked if Ace could detect an inactive conveyor.  He indicated that he could, so, lacking better direction, they drove through downtown.
(At a Chuck E. Cheese)
Todd:  “I’m totally down with wherever Ace wants to take us.  I’m now massaging my guns through the duster.”
Pinky (OOC):  “You’ll get arrested if you do that near kids.”
Ace recognized the signature, inside a “White Star Trading Outpost.”  Duncan suggested they go in and talk to the proprietor, but, use some subtlety.
Todd (OOC):  “What would Pinky do if she saw a TL6 pistol?”
Duncan (OOC):  “Throw up a bit in her mouth.”
As they walked in, Todd immediately asked where Sherry was.  The proprietor, confused, stated that they didn’t have anyone by that name who worked here.
(It is here that Todd began to be unable to roll anything under a sixteen.)
After failing to fast draw his non-Warmonger pistol in an attempt to graze the man into intimidation.
GM:  “Make a fast draw roll.”
Todd:  “I critically fail (mock sobbing).”
Ace caught the gun out of the air and gave it back to Todd, while he threatened the man with being willing to shoot him next time (and failing his intimidation roll).  Duncan and Todd began interrogating the man.  The man admitted to being an outtimer from “Cornwallis,” but, Ace pointed out he was lying.
Todd (OOC): "You need to stop having me make rolls."
Duncan (OOC): "No, you need to start making your rolls."
Todd decided to pistol whip the guy into giving them more accurate information but, instead, accidentally bludgeoned the man into unconsciousness.
Todd:  “Again, I play it off like I meant to do it.”
They gave the man to Wells to keep track of, then went into the back room and uncovered a small, cargo conveyor.  They group discussed loading it with explosives and sending it back, and Ace pointed out that, right now, this was their only way off the timeline.  Pinky asked if there were other White Star Trading Outposts.  Ace checked and said that the closest one was in LA, about five hours away.
Ace:  “There’s just another White Star Trading Outpost there . . . we don’t know if they have a conveyor.  It’s not like they put that on their web page:  We have a conveyor, come see it in action.”
Pinky wasn’t sure if she could take the conveyor apart (to learn its workings) and put it back together in a reasonable timeframe.  Warmonger advised Todd that they were not ready for a direct confrontation with Homeline—they needed to prepare.  Without being able to hear Warmonger, Pinky agreed.
Pinky:  “If I had my stuff, I’d be totally ‘Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill.’”
Duncan called to have the police confiscate everything, and book the guy as an undocumented immigrant, having Ace ensure no one was fixing his records.  He then took Todd, Pinky and Wells and got them a hotel for the night.
The next morning, over breakfast, Kandra had returned and said that the Queen knew of two ways, open to the group, "off" the world.  After discussing the options, they decided against the Bimini Road, and instead, opted for the Nexus of Many Worlds.  They were warned that the Nexus was dangerous, and, to the best of Kandra's knowledge, was in the Gobi Desert.   
Duncan suggested Bimini, as the Caribbean is much nicer than the Gobi, but Pinky and Todd agreed that they'd had their fill of roads.  Ace forged them some documents and chartered a plane.  The team went to Mongolia where a Land Rover (originally misspoke as a Land Raider, which everyone would have been happier with), some supplies (including some additional weapons) awaited them.
Kandra and Duncan wished them well, advising that they couldn't go with them.  Kandra gave Pinky a GPS that would get them close, but, by then, they'd be able to find it on their own.   
The first day was spent driving in the wrong direction as Pinky botched her roll and couldn't figure the GPS out.  After several days of driving, they "ran out" of GPS, but, on the horizon, was a massive, crystal spire.  As they continued to drive on, they came to a road in the middle of the desert.  It ran toward the spire, but not directly.  Pinky and Todd decided to try the road, just in case.
Well after nightfall, they arrived at a fortified town, but were given access.  A satyr guided them to a parking space and pointed them to a bar.  Pinky ensured the car was locked and the trio went in.   
The bar was unusual for Wells.  Todd, used to mutants, and Pinky, who has known some aliens, didn't find the fact that they were in the minority odd at all.  Todd managed to luck into a corner table and they flagged down a waitress.  The cephalopod came over, realized that they were human, and had another human come over to get their orders.   
In a booth, Jayzee Mackinaw awoke with a start.  The last thing she remembered was being on a bus to Arizona, from California, and now, was in . . . Star Wars.  She managed to locate all of her meager belongings, then set about looking around.  She spotted Todd, Pinky and Wells, and, as the only other humans she could see, she approached them.
The four began talking, with Jayzee admitting to not knowing anything about where she was or how she got there, and the group filled her in.  They told her they were looking for the Nexus of Many Worlds and she asked if she could accompany them because, well, she didn't want to get stuck being a waitress here.
Duncan (OOC):  “Pinky is inclined to trust her, because she’s got a biblical name:  Jayzee.”
Pinky (OOC):  “As far as she knows, that’s true . . ..”
Todd asked the waitress (Stacy) who the smartest person she knew was.  The woman thought about it for a moment and told them "Doctor Taylor."  They inquired about this doctor, and Stacy told them that, if she was in, they could find her, tomorrow, at her clinic.  She also pointed them toward some hotels for the night.
The, now, quartet, left the bar (Todd's new bottle of whiskey in hand) and found a hotel for the night.  Planning, tomorrow, to talk to Dr. Taylor.
Todd:  “Todd’s going to slip Pinky the .38.”
Duncan (OOC):  “Giggity.”
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« Reply #33 on: November 15, 2017, 08:48:08 PM »

Season 2, Episode 2

Pinky, Todd, Wells and newcomer Jayzee awoke in Halftown.  After getting something quick to eat, they made their way to the clinic to meet with Dr. Taylor.

After getting the run-around from the creature acting as a receptionist, they determined that the Doctor wasn’t available right now, but they could wait for her.  This led to some issues as neither Pinky nor Todd were terribly keen on waiting.  But, wait they did.

During the waiting, they did fill Jayzee in on a bit of what they had seen, and told her about their kidnapped friend, Sherry.  As Todd was about to explode from inactivity, a man, dressed convincingly like a mail man, came into the clinic.  Using a pair of tongs, he placed a single piece of 8½x11 paper on the counter.  When the receptionist asked what it was, he simply replied “it’s a letter for the doc.”  The receptionist poked it with a pencil and went back to her display.

Jayzee walked over and engaged the receptionist in conversation, visibly annoying the creature.  This encouraged Jayzee to continue.  While the receptionist was distracted, Todd snatched the piece of paper and learned two things about it.  First, it was completely blank.  Nothing was written or printed on it.  It seemed pristine and unused.  Second, and a bit more importantly, when he touched it both of his thumbs experienced a pins-and-needles like effect for the duration.  Todd warned the others and put the sheet back.

Wells advised that he could have just TK’d the paper over.  Todd managed to restrain himself, but did gesture like he was going to backhand Wells.

After sufficiently annoying the receptionist, the creature told them that they could go back and talk to the doctor now.  It instructed them to take the paper back to the doctor.  After a short bit of discussion, Pinky used a multi-tool to carry the paper.

They went into the room they were directed to.  They heard the doctor, behind a partition, tell them to get undressed and tell her what the problem was.  Everyone started talking, which caused the doctor to come into the room.  The doctor was a stunning, red-headed woman with a knee-length ponytail.  She was in a slinky black dress with stiletto heels under her lab coat.  In her heels, she was several inches taller than Todd.  This caught the party by surprise as no doctor they’d ever met would want to work all day in stiletto heels.  She smiled and identified herself as “Doctor Jillian Taylor.”

Pinky gave her the message which caused her to blink and look concerned at the piece of paper.  She put it in her purse and stated it was a message for someone else, but, she wasn’t sure who, yet.

She asked the party what they wanted or needed from her.  Pinky went off on Homeline abducting Sherry and everyone started explaining their situation.  Jillian admitted knowing a bit about homeline and having a strong dislike for them as well.  Eventually the party told her that they were looking for the Nexus of Worlds.  This causes Dr. Taylor to swear and make a threat about publishing some pictures she had of Hippolyta and Hades if she ever called her that again.

She asked where the party was trying to get, and Pinky showed her a hologram of The Stalwart Empress.

Which caused the game to migrate over to Alistair waking up in a cell.

Looking around, Alistair could see Ana and another woman laying on cots in the cell opposite him.  He could also see, down the jail hall, a starscape, indicating that he was in space.  All of his items had been taken, he was only wearing his jumpsuit.  Anything that could be considered dangerous had been taken from him.

He cast his images of the past spell on a shiny section of wall and was able to see some people carry him into the cell, and Ana across the way.  He was gathering his thoughts when Doctor Taylor (dressed in more appropriate, doctoring clothing) entered and asked his name.

Alistair went off on the doctor who simply watched him and smiled.  She tried to explain that their ship had appeared in a restricted area, and the station crew were simply doing their job.  They were still examining their ship.  The doctor eventually managed to calm Alistair down and released him, identifying his tattoos as magical, letting him know that the yokels here wouldn’t be able to identify them (and if they did, they’d likely try to take them off with a belt sander).

When Ana woke, the doctor tried to rouse the other woman, but was having a hard time doing so.  With Alistair’s help they took her to the doctor’s clinic.  The doctor pointed Alistair to a display and said that he would be able to see the ship on that screen.  Alistair examined the terminal and found the control for it, which he gleefully hacked into.

Alistair:  “Giving me a blaster would have been safer then access to a computer system.”

The doctor was able to revive the other woman in the clinic.  The woman identified herself as “Eagle Eye,” and explained that she was a scout.  The doctor asked Eagle Eye something cryptic about not seeing her tattoos, but Eagle Eye brushed it off.

The doctor offered to help them escape the station.  She led them to the evidence locker where Alistair was able to daze the custodian and keep him distracted until they had recovered their gear (and Eagle Eye just took everything that wasn’t nailed down).  Upon the return to the clinic, Dr. Taylor asked for some information about the ship, eventually, using the door to her office to portal the party into Pinky’s room on the Stalwart Empress.

Once they were certain no one was on the bridge, they stepped out.  Alistair hacked into the station’s computer and gave them an emergency in one of the other bays, and ordered all available loaders to the same bay.  This caused three of the six robots in the ship to leave, but left three others, as well as four technicians.  Alistair and Eagle Eye discussed what they should do about the remaining intruders.

Eagle Eye:  “How annoyed with them are you?  I’ve been known to make people explode.”
Alistair:  “I’m not sure I’m that annoyed, and it sounds really messy.”

Alistair:  “Any idea how they get their software updated?  Please say Bluetooth.”

Alistair (after a critical success on hacking):  “I’m going to give them a software update:  They are all toasters.”
GM (after rolling):  “I am toaster.  Please insert bread.” 

After the now-toaster-bots fell to the ground, the two technicians (who weren’t trying to figure out where to even start with the “Destiny Drive”) ran over to the closest bot to see what happened to it.  Eagle Eye teleported between them and proceeded to beat them unconscious.

Eagle Eye:  “I’d like to make a called-shot to his consciousness.”

The other two technicians heard the disturbance and ran out to see what was going on.  The first one, in a fit of pure stupidity vaulted over the railing and slammed into the hull, breaking his ankle.  The other tech, running toward the stairs berated the injured one over his decision.  Eagle Eye teleported behind him and pushed him down the stairs.

The fourth tech, realizing what he was dealing with, managed to survive falling down the stairs in very good shape, until Eagle Eye put her gyroc in his face and told him to cooperate unless he wanted a third nostril.  They kicked them off the ship, giving them time to get under cover, before Alistair opened the door, and Eagle Eye flew the ship out of the hanger.

GM:  “Eagle Eye, make a piloting roll.”
Eagle Eye:  “This thing’s size-modifier gives me a bonus, right?”
GM:  “There are a bunch of angry people on the radio, now.”
Jayzee (OOC):  “Your call is important to us . . ..” 

Jillian smiled and bid them farewell, mentioning that she had to get back to the White House as she had a date with congress.  As she left, Alistair quipped to bring him a cheeseburger the next time they saw each other.  As she left he stated that he didn’t think she would be the junk food sort, and Eagle Eye admitted she wasn’t sure the last time the doctor had seen a sandwich (Jillian is very slender).

Alistair tried finagling some of the data on the hyperdrive and triggered it before the fighters had managed to close to weapons range.


Back in Halftown, Dr. Taylor bemusedly looked at the hologram of the ship and smiled.  She told the party to apologize to Alistair that she hadn’t brought him a cheeseburger.  She then opened the door to her office and gestured for the party to go through.  They stepped through onto the bridge, only moments after the ship had finished its jump.

Pinky ran to her room and sobbed openly.  Todd explained what had happened to Sherry.  After several minutes, Alistair noticed something small and fast approaching the ship.  He was concerned about an incoming missile, until he realized it wasn’t “pinging” the ship in any way.  When he had Wells open the blinds, he saw that they were orbiting the fractured earth.  The giant plume of magical energy was visible lancing through the planet, as more of the magical energy coursed through the debris field.

He realized that the small object flying up to the ship was likely IST Member Red Velvet, coming to check out the new arrival.  With the ship’s lights, he directed her to the main airlock.  Todd and Alistair went to talk to Red Velvet.  Pinky went to the cargo bay to put her suit back on. 

Red Velvet advised that the “road crew” had been working, and they were probably only one to two months from completing the road.  The party told her about what had happened.  She suggested they land at the base, where they could provide some assistance, and talk with them.

Red Velvet guided them down and got out a bit early to advise her comrades of the party on the ship.  The base commander offered his condolences, and suggested that the party travel to IST Headquarters, as they had a working knowledge of Homeline, and might be of some assistance.  He explained that they had about twelve hours before their resupply portal, and suggested the party get some rest.

Lacking little else to do, the party wandered off to their respective areas and lost themselves in thought.
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« Reply #34 on: November 27, 2017, 06:24:29 PM »

It was a really short session (something came up while we were at a great break-point, so we called it for the day).
Season 2, Episode 3
After fitfully sleeping for about six hours, Pinky was awakened by a knocking on the rear cargo hatch of the ship.  She woke Alistair and Todd and told them, while suiting up and walking to the rear hatch.  Alistair discovered that the aft camera was still damaged and they hadn’t had the time to repair it yet.  Frustrated, he told Wells to remote view behind the ship to see what was there.
NPC Wells, promptly, critically failed his fright check, squealed, and passed out.
GM (rolling):  “Wells lets out a squeal and faints dead away.”
Jayzee:  “Hey, did you find your missing little girl?”
Pinky:  “No, Sherry never screamed quite so shrill or so much.”
Alistair insisted Pinky not open the rear hatch due to this and worked on moving some of the other cameras.  He was able to point two of the side cameras to the back and saw two of the halberd-wielding creatures from the Road Crew, standing behind the ship (mostly obscured by the ship).  He told everyone, and Eagle Eye ran into the IST Base to alert the supers.
It wasn’t long before several supers joined them in the cargo bay.  Pinky locked down the other locations in the ship (to sustain their atmosphere, as this world has, according to the sensors, a hostile environment.  She had Todd put on a space suit and he covered them from the railing above the Herkimer.
Pinky opened the hatch, with some disagreement from Alistair to see the “foreman” of the Road Crew standing behind the ship, patiently waiting for the door to open.  Behind it were two of the be-tentacled flying creatures, each holding a pylon.  Behind them, were the halberd troops, holding their weapons at attention, not aggressively.
After several moments, the foreman’s armor opened, revealing a handsome man who addressed Pinky, who identified as the owner of The Stalwart Empress.  He introduced himself as Alto and stated that the ship was tied to the fate of the road.  He explained that his people were trying to repair the road to fight the coming darkness.
GM:  “I am Alto.”
Eagle Eye (OCC):  “Prepare for treble!”
Pinky:  “Yeah, the road’s made an impact on our ship . . . more or less.”
Eagle Eye:  “So . . . you’re gunna fight the darkness?”
Alistair (OOC):  “With a Magic Missile?”
Eagle Eye (OOC):  “That’s where I was going.”
Alto explained that the coming darkness, while bleak, was one of two possible futures—the one that could be fought.  He identified that the Weirdos, according to his peoples’ seers, would be present when the options were present.  The release of the Ancient Darkness, or the coming of the Angel of Death.  He explained that, while the Darkness could be fought, the Angel of Death could not.   

Alto discussed the coming of the Darkness and numerous questions were asked about it.  Alistair did ask how they would know when the choice was presented and Alto admitted he didn’t know.  The weirdos resigned themselves, at this point, to realizing they would bring the Angel of Death.  Todd noticed that Warmonger, instead of being amused or even joking about the possible fates, seemed focused on Alto and his words.   
Alto asked if the party had managed to take control of the pylon that drove their ship.  After several interparty arguments about what to tell him, Pinky admitted that they really couldn’t.  Alto offered his assistance, to install the pylon the tentacle creatures were carrying to help them control it accurately.
After several minutes of argument between Pinky and Alistair, Pinky decided that they didn’t really have a choice and let Alto and the two floating, betentacled monstrosities into the ship.  She did insist that they leave their weapons outside.  Alto agreed and dismounted his armor, stepping in with the, apparently unarmed creatures.
Pinky:  “Pinky absolutely wants to pat him down, if you know what I mean.”
Todd (OOC):  “All right!”
He was briefly stymied by the addition of the sheathe that Ana had designed for Pinky to safely control the pylon.  With work (and creation magic, according to Alistair) he created a physical interface to connect the two, without disturbing the sheathe.   
It took several minutes of him explaining before the party understood that the “two pylons” he had brought in were actually, only one, just existing outside of spacetime as they understood it.  Just like the pylon in the engineering room.  Alistair asked where the other end of their pylon was and Alto answered, “floating unfettered in the naked vortex.”
After installing the control end of the pylon in the computer room, Alto connected the pylon to the computer.  Alistair watched as an “unknown network entity” entered the computer and created a program.  After several iterations, it settled down and began acting like a normal program.

Alistair discovered it was easier to simply remove other programs from the network then to try to isolate the new program (it just corrected the situation to still have access).  He made sure that the program had no access to the life support (just in case) before firing it up.

He discovered that the main problem of the interface was ignorance.  There were twenty-two separate variables that used not only letters and numbers, but symbols he wasn’t familiar with.  There was also a history tab that only had one entry.  After realizing that the string of letters, numbers and symbols seemed to just be the name, and creating an archive file for all of the names they might ever come across, he changed the name to “Fractured Earth.”

Poking around, he discovered that there was a “nearby” tab that had sixteen different sets of coordinates that, logically, corresponded to adjacent dimensions.  However, with no frame of reference (or, more specifically, one set of data that didn’t mean anything), he simply made not of it.  The “Random” button Alto and Alistair defended as sometimes anywhere was better than where you were right now.  Alto confirmed that Random would only send them somewhere “valid” and wouldn’t send them somewhere they couldn’t exist.

Pinky asked if Alto could locate individual people and he admitted he could not.  He might be able to get a seer to help, but it would take several days.  The party discussed this problem and Alto gave them two sets of coordinates to locations where they would be used to dimensional travelers.  One was, disturbingly, called “Port Jericho,” the same name as the location where Eagle Eye, Alistair and Ana were held prisoner (and Eagle Eye commented that she had the Port Jericho T-shirt—it’s the one she was wearing), and the other was “Vanish! Cantina.”

The party agreed that they might need some intelligence to find the “weapons facility” that Sherry might be at and decided on Vanish! Cantina.  They said their goodbyes to IST and Alto (the two factions agreeing to talk and discuss cooperation as new information had been made available to both sides) and lifted into orbit.  Having to go a bit further than normal due to the magically-active debris field around the Earth, Alistair decided, instead of Vanish! Cantina, they would try one of the “nearby” dimensions. 

He admitted he wanted to see how it worked, and, realizing he had a one-in-sixteen chance of selecting Fallout World, he still wanted to try.  Additionally, if safe, it would give them another fall-back position.  The weirdos agreed and buckled themselves in for the jump.  Alistair chose a destination at random and the hyperdrive said it was ready.  Pinky engaged the Destiny Drive.  The ship had the gentle shudder that it always felt as the drive charged up, then, the shuddering stopped and the computer read “Arrived at Destination (random string)”.

Pinky, began double-checking everything (no one passed out, no one threw up, nothing bad happened), and totally forgot to check the external sensors.  Al, in the computer room, discovered they were being hailed on numerous channels, in numerous languages.  Without warning, he patched them through to Pinky.

Lt. Jason Dobbs at Starbase Seven was hailing the unknown vessel.  As soon as Pinky responded, he warned that they were in a restricted area and they needed to change course and gave them a set of coordinates.  Pinky acknowledged the coordinates and set The Stalwart Empress toward them. 

Alistair:  “This will officially be known as ‘Starbase Seven World.’”

Dobbs asked if everything was okay or if there were any problems.  Pinky gave him an all-clear and he directed her to a clear space lane and asked their destination.  Pinky admitted they were just passing through and Dobbs sent her the coordinates outlining the exclusion zone.  Pinky apologized for jumping into it, and Dobbs let her know it was okay—accidents happen.

Alistair and Pinky discussed the exclusion zone, and decided all jumps should be made outside of it.  It was about an hour away at one-gee, and, while the ship wasn’t terribly agile, it could burn for prolonged periods at two-gee, provided everyone was secure.  Discovering this, Alistair disabled the safeties, admitting that, if they ever needed to tell the ship to suddenly accelerate at two-gees to knock a hostile target down, he didn’t want it arguing with him.

Pinky (OOC):  “I just had the vision of Todd buckling himself into his barstool.”

Once at the exclusion zone, Alistair selected Vanish! Cantina and the ship again jumped without event.  Upon completion (seconds later), Pinky noticed Ana staring out through the closed blast-shields with a perplexed expression.  When asked what she saw, Ana admitted “us.”

Pinky checked sensors and, sure enough, the sensors were detecting The Stalwart Empress at a range of about one light second.  Alistair verified that the sensors thought their signal was being reflected back to scan itself.  Alistair also noted that there was no radio traffic, not even background radio signals.  It took Jayzee asking why they had all the windows still closed, and Ana explaining that viewing the Naked Vortex is bad.  Jayzee understood that but wanted to know why they didn’t open them now.  Ana explained that, with everything that had been going on they never got around to adding the motors to automatically open them, and that Wells usually did that.  Jayzee happily jumped over to the bunk room and got the still-recovering-from-the-Road-Crew Wells up and had him open the shields.

It was obvious to Alistair that they were in a small pocket dimension.  Complete with an opening, highlighted by thousand-mile long arrows that didn’t show up on sensors.  Pinky deftly piloted the ship through the massive hole into a more massive landing bay.  Vehicles of every shape and size were visible.

Alistair was able to find countless radio signals all welcoming new arrivals to Vanish! Cantina in an infinite variety of languages.  He was able to find numerous dialects of elven.  The messages instructed people to please move toward the visual representation in the language they were most comfortable with.  Alistair instructed Pinky to land the ship, which did require Ana to snap her out of her confusion.

Pinky located a “parking space” with the correct parameters for The Stalwart Empress and landed the ship.  The party gathered at the main airlock and decided that Wells and Ana would stay on the ship as Pinky had not had time to repair Lovely Assistant or the drones.
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« Reply #35 on: December 04, 2017, 06:48:37 PM »

Season 2, Episode 4

(We were short Cody for this due to a last-minute real-life event, so Todd stayed at the ship with Ana and Wells.  This was also very info-dumpy, so it seems shorter than normal.)

The weirdos gathered their thoughts and buttoned up The Stalwart Empress, leaving Todd, Ana and Wells to watch over the ship.  Alistair led the Jayzee, Pinky and Eagle Eye through the parking/landing/whatever area to an Unseelie part of the Cantina.

Alistair:  “I’ll head for the least BDSM-looking unseelie one.”

Upon entering it, Alistair was disappointed to discover that it was less a bar and more a very fancy restaurant.  The party got a series of disdainful stares from the patronage as Al led them all over to the bar.  The bar was tended by a pair of dark elves and . . . something else.  The third bartender was an eight-foot-tall, yellowish, tri-laterally symmetrical being.

Pinky approached the bar and asked for calamari.  The dark elf she asked gave her a strange look, then pulled out a bowl full of water and small, semi-transparent squid.  The bartender insisted that they would taste awful fried so Pinky tried one (raw and alive).  She was unable to swallow it while Eagle Eye simply tossed it in her mouth and swallowed.  She commented that it wasn’t bad, and she’d had worse. 

Jayzee pulled one of the creatures from the bowl and played with it for a bit.  She tried to determine what sort of food she could order, but, instead headed over to the yellow-tri-lat figure and asked it if it could juggle.

GM:  “Well, you think it’s a menu—it could just be scribbles.”

Jayzee:  “I’m not rude, I’m just impulsive.”

With a Brooklyn accent, the creature asked why it would want to do that.  She apologized for being obnoxious and the creature tossed her a can of Coke, which she promptly took and drank. 

One of the bartenders asked Alistair why he brought the “round ears” here, then realized he was pranking them.  Alistair admitted that was his purpose, expecting this place to be more like a bar.  He asked about the local information broker and the bartender laughed stating that a place like this has a lot of them, it depends on what you want.  But, otherwise, it would be Bob, indicating the yellow creature.

Alistair:  “I’ll order a Whisky and branchwater.”
Eagle Eye:  “Branchwater?  Way to uphold the stereotype.”

Bob joined in, asking what it was they were looking for, and suggested they try one of the more human-oriented sections of the Cantina.  After several minutes of discussion, the party was joined by a strongly-built human man (dressed like a lumberjack sans cap, according to Jayzee).  The man introduced himself as Colt Sampson, and offered to lead the party to one of the other areas where they’d likely be more comfortable.

This led Alistair to ask Colt what he thought of Homeline.  Colt admitted that he hadn’t had much experience with them, but, there were a number of people who had a strong dislike for them.  Even some of their own people, who they had stranded here.  After some deliberation, Colt led the party to a much more bar-like environment. 

A being, looking remarkably like Bob, stood behind the bar here, as well.  A mild amount of confusion was had when Bob explained that he was actually the same person.

Alistair:  “Are you dimensionally unbound?”
Bob:  “Sure, we’ll go with that.”

Pinky asked, again, for calamari, which Bob produced.  She asked for marinara sauce, and Bob asked if she wanted “regular or Marinara Trench” sauce.  She said she’d give both a try.  Eagle Eye pointed out that Bob was trolling them, since he could have produced the calamari Pinky wanted in the other place.  Bob didn’t answer the accusation. 

Alistair left Pinky at the bar with her calamari and took the rest of the party to a table.  Jayzee asked for, and was given, a bowl of pretzels and peanuts to take to the table.  Colt brought over another man, who he introduced as Dan, an expatriate from Homeline, who might be able to assist them.

Dan gave some detailed information on Homeline, but admitted his information was two years old (and explained the origin of the name “Vanish! Cantina”).  He admitted he wouldn’t know where ISWAT would take Sherry, but, he had made some deliveries to an off-world records facility that was rumored to be ISWAT-controlled.  He gave them the crosstime coordinates for the location, but admitted they’d need to get them translated.  Colt took the paper and said he would see about getting them translated.  He left by a door near the stage in the bar.

Pinky decided to try the Marinara Trench sauce and spent several minutes in a hallucinogenic trip at the bar.

Dan and Bob answered questions for the Weirdos.  Dan admitted that he couldn’t provide much information on the facility, but, didn’t think the security was terribly strong.  Not necessarily lax, but definitely relaxed, as ISWAT wasn’t expecting any sort of attack as humans never evolved on the world the base was set on, it didn’t seem to have chronobhan access, and they controlled the only means they were aware of to get there.  When Dan learned that the Weirdos would be dropping in on them from orbit, he explained that Homeline never really developed advanced space travel.

He warned against visiting Reich 5 (the Thousand Year Reich) and the party admitted that the Reich was responsible for their current situation.  Bob acknowledged that most people who leave their native time-lines, never get back because they don’t know where it is.  Alistair admitted he knew people were bringing things in to his world, and he was happy to be gone.

Alistair:  “Things that are masses of tentacles that your eyes slide off of.”
Dan:  “Ah, my ex-mother-in-law.”

Pinky recovered from her trip and asked for more of the marinara trench sauce.  Bob told her she could get some in the gift shop, when they were ready to leave.  She joined the party and overheard an Ana talking to Colt, explaining that she can’t just translate coordinates without knowing what she was translating them into.  After some brief introductions, and seeing the information from Alistair on the new control mechanism for the drive, Ana quickly jotted down the information they would need. 

She and Alistair discussed the Ana’s they had met (including meeting the Source, Ana 0, as Alistair called her), and she admitted that Ana’s either will, or will not, develop parachronic travel.  She elaborated by explaining that there are none (that she was aware of) who had ever started down that course of action that didn’t end up with the ability to travel dimensionally.  However, there are an equal number of them who never really explore that avenue of possibility.  But, none start out looking down dimensional travel, then stop.  Bob agreed.

Ana patted Colt on the shoulder and left again, backstage.

The party discussed their plans for attacking the information center.  Dan elaborated that he thought they might only have a battalion’s worth of troops on planet.  Pinky explained that she figured, ISWAT knowing they were there meant they had failed the mission.  She thought the best thing would be to have Todd and Alistair go in and extract the information quietly.

Jayzee:  “Todd?  Quiet Mission?  Are you sure?

They asked Dan what he knew about the Darkness, and he admitted only a few minor stories.  But, Bob could fill them in on it.  Bob admitted that they didn’t want to get messed up with them, but, told them a few stories.  They came to the conclusion that they were, somehow, undead-zombie-robots.  All three at the same time.  Bob agreed that was a fair explanation.

They discussed several options and asked Bob if there was anywhere here that they could get armor and weapons (and potentially some training) for Jayzee.  Bob explained that there weren’t any armor/weapons stores at the Cantina (and admitted that he closed them all down because he didn’t like people buying weapons then trying them out on other patrons they don’t like).  Alistair had a hard time figuring out how he manages to keep a black-market from forming, but didn’t pursue any farther.

Bob said he could offer the party several coordinates for worlds where they could acquire equipment, but, without any money for them, it wouldn’t be terribly helpful.  Pinky asked about places where they might be able to scavenge their own stuff—being the engineering type, she would be happy to salvage and build whatever they’re looking for.  They talked about other options, which led to Bob asking “What?  Like treasure hunting?”

Jayzee jumped on that with both feet.  After failing to be talked down by Alistair, Jayzee got Bob to give them three sets of coordinates, as well as a set of coordinates for a version of Las Vegas where they would only be slightly out of place.

Alistair:  “You’re a female version of Bill S. Preston, Esq.”

Set 1:  A ship graveyard.  The downside—it’s a ship graveyard, they wouldn’t be the only people scavenging from it.
Set 2:  A dead world.  The downside—what killed the world is still there, they just won’t catch it.
Set 3:  Monster Hunting.  The downside—monsters that want to eat them.

Bob:  “Scum of hive and villainy.”
Jayzee:  “My favorite kind.”
Bob (OCC):  “um, wait, that came out wrong.”

The party decided to head to the giftshop then back to The Stalwart Empress to discuss.  Pinky bought two, twelve-ounce containers of Marinara Trench sauce (which Alistair discovered is listed as “not safe” for any form of life), and some less-obvious coveralls.  Jayzee just bought a Quixotic Coyote “Vanish! Cantina” t-shirt.  Alistair bought two bottles of Elven wine and two-hundred dollars’ worth of malt whisky for Todd.  Eagle Eye didn’t really bother looking at too much, other than the “Weird!  But Tasty” section of food.

Alistair managed to find several templates for their robofac, including two different cuts of dusters.  The party blew almost all of the money they had from their relative worlds getting some useful templates (including basic clothing templates so Ana could have something to wear other than the ill-fitting ship jumpsuits).  They couldn’t find any useful templates for spare ship parts, and, at Eagle Eye’s behest, were also unable to find a replacement GPP for the robofac.

Back on the ship, Alistair loaded the templates and some fabric into the robofac and set it about to make some clothes for Ana as he knew it was going to take it a very long time to cut the deathclaw hide.  Pinky tried some Marinara Trench sauce on a deathclaw burger and passed out on the table.  Eagle Eye and Jayzee retired to the lounge to watch more episodes of Quixotic Coyote.
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There were several things that didn’t make it into the synopsis because they really didn’t have much bearing on the story, but were fun for flavor or infodump.

Jayzee received a bowl of living snacks (basically the popplers from Futurama, just non-sapient), and was informed, by Bob, to eat them before they got too big and became poisonous, or big enough to eat her.

There was a data dump about ISWAT, which led to them learning that ISWAT isn’t nearly as xenophobic as they thought, so long as everyone knew that ISWAT/Homeline was all that mattered.

This was relevant as they were told that ISWAT had vampires working for them (and other things).  This came up as the weridos learned, a couple of years ago, ISWAT made a move against a high school for powered teens and their leader (at that time, a vampire) got soundly thrashed by Blackwolf.  (when asked about the vampire, “He, uh, no longer exists, as such.”)  The requisite X-Men jokes were made and Bob suggested that Homeline would have been lucky to fight the X-Men as the students at the high school had no qualms about the levels of self-defense that were needed.

The discussion about an Ana being a lounge singer at Vanish! Cantina.

There was the very of-topic and even more inappropriate joke about a hobo and a rabbit making a hobbit.  Which I just wanted to bring up because it always makes me laugh.

There was the discussion about Alistair thinking there was something creepy about Todd being so infatuated with Sherry until Pinky explained to him that Todd’s family was killed and he was just projecting on her.  Alistair had never bothered to learn Todd’s story, so this was news to him.

Numerous discussions about ways of earning money that all were punctuated by Bob saying “So, treasure huntin’.”  All which were eagerly encouraged by Jayzee.

The description of the Quixotic Coyote-themed space suit (with character-head-shaped helmet) that Pinky thought was incredibly disturbing.

I’ll probably have to do a full post on Quixotic Coyote.  Once a one-off gag has now taken on a life of its own and will be worked into future episodes.
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