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Author Topic: Teen Supers, the Next Generation  (Read 578 times)
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« on: March 20, 2017, 11:57:37 AM »

Kim launched the new Teen Supers game.  Here are the characters.  I'll see about posting a session log when I get a chance.

Angel King:  A beautiful young Filipino girl.  Small and slender with air control powers.  Styles herself after the Tawong Lipod of Tagalog mythology. (Crystal)

Jonathan “Duke” Alburn:  Attractive, strongly-built young man and quarterback for the Oceanside Pirates.  Can manipulate the flow of time (if he’s lucky).  (Dean)

Matt Karpman:  A nerdy young boy.  Small and geeky can transform into a powerful monster.  The two beings are separate minds, and do not share each other's memories. (Jerry)

Rio Tennor/Raven:  A gorgeous young girl.  Small and slender with magical powers.  Wears a modified costume of, and styles herself after, the Teen Titan Raven. (Bill)

Terry Stone/Dark Wing:  A young boy.  Average build and possesses both Machine Telepathy and extensive mechanical expertise.  Wears a form-fitting combat battlesuit of his own design. (Cody)

I'll see about attaching the other characters as I post more info about it.
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 12:08:15 PM »

Matt made a comment about having Eidetic memory.
Duke (OOC):  "Wow those are traits I wouldn’t want together?"
Matt (OOC):  "What?"
Duke (OOC):  "Being Rick Moranis as a Teenager and having Eidetic Memory."

Duke and Terry talking during their weight-training class.
Duke:  "So, what do you do for fun?"
Terry:  "Prove other people wrong."
Duke:  "Oh, you play D&D too?"

Rio and Angel decide to go out dancing.
Matt (OOC):  "It’s Buffy and Willow."
GM (OOC):  "More like Willow and Dark Willow."

Duke is heading home and sees Matt poking around the parking lot.
GM (gesturing toward Matt):  "You see this guy looking around."
Rio (OOC):  "Searching for a wedgie."
Matt (OOC):  "Well said."

Angel has used her powers to gust a group of gremlins into a corner (5d nw dbk) and pushed Matt's Beast form along, but he's two hexes away and looking at how he can approach them effectively.
Rio (OOC):  "You have a Step of 2 in that form."
Beast (OOC):  "That’s good to know."
Duke (OOC):  "And a tailwind!"

Terry was explaining his machine telepathy ability.
Angel:  "What, were you bitten by a radioactive microwave?"
Duke:  "Can you get Netflix on my phone?"
Terry:  "Yeah."
GM (OOC):  "Nope!  I was wrong."  (Duke uses an iPhone 4--he's poor)
Rio (OOC):  "Now it's more explosive than a Galaxy S7."

Terry tried to hijack a karaoke machine to search the internet.
Terry:  “Nope!”  (Rolled 18)
Duke (OOC):  “And that’s how Videodrome starts!”
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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2017, 03:12:25 PM »

It’s mid-August, 2016, and Oceanside High School is back in session.  As the students gathered and entered the school on the first day, a small group of them had their attention drawn to a strange mandala/graffiti applied to one of the obelisks on the walk to the main entrance.

Only Terry Stone, obsessed with not being late to his first class, missed the mandala.  Rio and Angel pulled their phones to take pictures of it, discovering that the image was always blurry.  Duke shrugged and went on with his day.  Matt focused on the object and, along with Rio (and her magical background) discovered it appeared to be painted in blood.

During his classes, Matt tried to use his Eidetic Memory and occult skills to determine what it could be.

Duke (OOC):  “Wow those are traits I wouldn’t want together?”
Matt (OOC):  “What?”
Duke (OOC):  “Being Rick Moranis as a Teenager and having Eidetic Memory.”

At home, Rio was unable to locate the Mandala in any of her books on magic so tried to find information on the internet, which was also unsuccessful.

On Tuesday, as Duke headed toward his motorcycle, a small creature ran out from under a car and scratched him.  His enhanced time sense kicked in and he saw a small, bipedal, hairless cat-like creature.  He took a moment, then returned to the sports medicine teacher in the school to get the injury looked at (who promptly rolled a 17 and suggested Pepto-Bismol and hotwings).

On the other side of the school, Terry was also attacked by a similar creature.  He, however, was stunned by the incident and lost track of it as it dodged into a storm drain.  He returned home and treated his leg.

On Wednesday, the two boys discussed their injuries.  Terry lied about what happened, until Duke admitted that he was scratched by some cat-like creature.  Terry admitted that’s what happened to him, but, the creature couldn’t have been real, because was obviously bipedal.  Duke suggested it being a monkey (with mange) that someone had released and it had survived and become feral.

Duke:  “So, what do you do for fun?”
Terry:  “Prove other people wrong.”
Duke:  “Oh, you play D&D too?”

After school on Wednesday, one of the creatures appeared and scratched Angel.  The young girl didn’t get a good look at the creature, but, ran home to have her mother (a doctor) check out her injury and get it treated.

The same day, Rio was also attacked by the creature, and got as good a look at it as Duke did with his temporal powers (PER by 9), she also noticed that it seemed to be missing not just fur, but, flesh in some places.  Rio took off after the creature, and considered activating her powers to chase it.  The creature escaped into a storm drain, and the slender teen dove in after it.

Once under the street, Rio activated her Raven costume and healed her leg.  She couldn’t leave the area, without causing damage to it, as all of the other options were blocked with grates.  She growled her displeasure and squeezed back out of the drain, after changing back.  After throwing her clothes in the wash, she went back to her books and identified the creature as some form of Gremlin.

As Terry went home, he found another copy of the Mandala, where a handful of people were examining it.  He walked up, got a good look at it, then promptly touched it.  He felt a strange tingle in his finger, from where he touched the image, but, after several minutes, he left to head home.

On Thursday, Angel wore legwarmers to the dance class she shared with Rio, so her injury wasn’t visible.  Rio, having healed herself, had no injury to show.  However, the two girls (the best two dancers in the class) had been talking, and Rio offered to take Angel out dancing on Friday.

Matt (OOC):  “It’s Buffy and Willow.”
GM (OOC):  “More like Willow and Dark Willow.”

After school, also in the parking lot, Matt was attacked, and, like Rio, got a very good look at the creature (he also made his PER by 9).  He was shocked by the creature and lost sight of it under a car (failed his fright check, but then rolled a total of a 5 on the table).

Friday morning, everyone noticed that something was missing from their room.  Matt lost a precious, valuable action figure.  Rio and Duke both lost books, not valuable, but precious to them.  Terry lost a specialized tool he loved using.  Crystal lost some jewelry from her childhood.

Duke noticed scratches on his windows sill and decided something crawled up the drain pipe and came in his open window.  Agitated, he shut his window and went to school.

As the day ended, Rio dragged Angel to Bloaty’s Pizza, as Angel had never eaten pizza before (and was desperately trying to be a “normal teen”).

Matt “borrowed” his mother’s stun gun and started looking around the parking lot of the school for the creature.  Duke, noticing the nerdy kid searching around walked up and offered to help him find his keys (he was assuming the other jocks were tormenting him).

GM (gesturing toward Matt):  “You see this guy looking around.”
Rio (OOC):  “Searching for a wedgie.”
Matt (OOC):  “Well said.”

This freaked the small kid out.  Matt explained that he was looking for the animal that attacked him as he knew it couldn’t be real.  Duke did his best to dissuade him from this search, even pointing out that, in order to use the stungun, he’d be well within biting distance.  Matt wouldn’t give up his quest until Duke suggested they go off and get a pizza.

Unsure of how to handle this situation, Matt agreed and went with Duke to Bloaty’s Pizza.

Terry saw Duke with another guy and (being the jealous type with Duke his only, current, friend) joined them.  The three of them discussed that Matt also had “cat-scratch fever,” and they had all lost something.  Rio and Angel, nearby, eavesdropped (well, Rio eavesdropped, Angel just stared).

Rio and Angel decided they should go over and talk to the boys.  As Rio picked up their pizza, they all noticed that the TV was louder than normal.  Then realized, it wasn’t any louder, they were the only ones in the room.  Angel noticed that it was pitch-black outside, then, she Terry and Matt all noticed a swarm of the gremlins pouring out of the TV.

Matt gave a freaked-out gurgle, fell over backward and fainted dead-away (17 on his fright check).  Angel let out a powerful gust of wind, catching Rio and throwing her and the gremlins running their way back to the TV.

Rio, with a good acrobatics roll, managed to land without getting seriously injured, and even watched as one of the gremlins went back into the TV.

Terry struggled with his hoody and backpack, trying to activate his battlesuit (he rolled a 15 on his activation roll, so it would take the full 5 seconds).  Unfortunately, for him, as he was distracted, one of the gremlins slashed open his back (critical hit for 9 points of damage).

Duke’s ETS refused to kick in, robbing him of his most important abilities.  Still far from helpless, he kicked the creature that attacked Terry away, and dealt with two of the critters trying to attack him.  Angel picked a small group of the creatures up with her flight power and raised them, with her, to the ceiling, to be out of reach.

Rio dodged back to Terry and Duke as Duke shouted that Terry was hurt.  When she got on the table, just out of reach of the creatures chasing her (again, a lot of acrobatics), she activated her costume.

Matt, unconsciously, changed into the Beast, and began attacking the creatures that Angel had trapped with her flight ability.  Duke kept the gremlins busy as Raven hopped down from the table and healed Terry.  Duke exclaimed his surprise and relief “we have a Cleric!”

Raven then threw up an energy-wall, between the other creatures and Duke, leaving him confused with a healer that knew force-wall.  One of the creatures took a swipe at Raven, but got lost in her cloak for a moment.  As it came out, she froze it with her freezing blast.

Duke took the opportunity to really punch a different gremlin.  The hit sent it flying across the room, slamming into the wall and disappearing in a puff of smoke . . . that reformed into another one of them.

By this time, Terry’s battlesuit had finally activated.  He stood up and blasted the frozen gremlin, knocking it into the wall, shattering it, and creating two more of them.  Raven growled her displeasure that she had contained that one and proceeded to continue freezing them as targets presented themselves.

As Duke, Dark Wing and Raven systematically dealt with the gremlins, and Raven complaining that they kept attacking the ones she had contained, Angel, also discovered the gremlins nasty habit of duplicating when they died.  She released the one she had “trapped” and drifted behind the Beast, then let loose another gout of wind, pushing the massive monster, and the gremlins clustering around its feet.  The gremlins formed a small pile in the corner of the room where the Beast went over and tore into them.

Rio (OOC):  “You have a Step of two in that form.”
Beast (OOC):  “That’s good to know.”
Duke (OOC):  “And a tailwind!”

As the Beast killed the last of the gremlins (it wasn’t a guarantee that they’d duplicate when killed), it walked over to the TV (which turned off at its approach) and destroyed it.  Everything went back to normal.  Rio and Angel were back in their seats.  Terry and Duke were still sitting at their table, and Matt was in the process of falling over.

In the next heartbeat, Rio was up and over at the TV as Angel tried to ask her if the hallucination was “normal” for pizza.

Duke and Terry made the statement that the mushrooms on the pizza were either bad, or the wrong type.  Terry got up and went over to the TV as Angel noticed Rio at the TV.

Angel:  “Hey, that could be dangerous.”
Rio:  “I’m just checking it out—I’m not going to touch it.”
Terry (touches TV):  “I’m going to try to talk to the TV.”

Rio sends Angel over to check on “the little guy” as Duke tries to revive him.  The group rejoins as the now completely-freaked-out Matt awakens (with no memories).

Duke comments about the hallucination, and Rio tells him it wasn’t a hallucination.  She informs them that the creatures were a form of gremlin, and tries to get through several layers of lies and misdirection.  She and Duke agree that this is a conversation best kept for a more private venue, and Duke offers them to meet at his apartment.  Angel says she’ll call her driver and take everyone there.

After several explanations as to why her driver would justifiably refuse to take a fourteen-year-old girl to the apartment of a sixteen-year-old boy she just met, Angel suggested a Karaoke club she liked to visit.  They gave the address to Duke (so he could take his bike) and the others piled into Angel’s car to be driven there.

Once inside the private room, Rio changed into Raven and told them that it wasn’t a hallucination—it was something else.  Terry managed to pull his battlesuit on (with a 7 on his activation roll, so 1 second) in “record” time, and agreed that this meant that all had something in common.  Raven explained she was magic, then turned her costume back off (they were awaiting more food).

Angel was furious that both Terry and Rio had “costumes” and decided she would have to order one herself.  They explained (but didn’t convince) Matt that he was a werewolf of some sort.  Terry explained his battlesuit and machine telepathy a bit.

Angel:  “What, were you bitten by a radioactive microwave?”
Duke:  “Can you get Netflix on my phone?”
Terry:  “Yeah.”
GM (OOC):  “Nope!  I was wrong.”  (Duke uses an iPhone 4)
Rio (OOC):  “Now it’s more explosive than a Galaxy S7.”

Duke refused to admit he had any abilities, and Matt didn’t think he had any.  But, Terry and Angel asked what they should do now.  Rio looked at Terry and suggested he try to see if he could find any mention of that mandala or the gremlins on the internet.  As he pulled out his phone, Rio told him to use the karaoke machine instead.  That way, they could all see what he found. 

Terry, confidently strode to the machine, touched it and caused all the circuit breakers in the room to trip, plunging the room into darkness.  Matt unplugged the display.

Terry:  “Nope!”  Rolled 18
Duke (OOC):  “And that’s how Videodrome starts!”
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« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2017, 03:28:20 PM »

Raven’s Journal

School started today.

Spotted a strange mandala on one of the obelisks outside the school.  Looked like it was painted in blood.  Could see it clearly, but couldn’t get a good picture of it.  I couldn’t find anything like it in Liber Juratus or Sefer Raziel Ha-Malakh.  And, of course, the bloody internet didn’t know anything either.  Will keep looking.

Someone’s doing something, and I’ve been targeted.  A small creature dashed out and gashed my leg.  It looked to be a malformed mix between a cat and a monkey.  It was hairless and bipedal, and was also missing some patches of skin.  I pursued it into the storm drains, but it still got away.  I healed the injury and left.

I found some references and sketches of the creatures, apparently a gremlin of some sort, in the Liber Juratus.  It’s going to take more time to research these creatures and figure out who summoned them and why.  It’s fairly obvious that it targeted me as I was one of the few people who noticed the mandala on the obelisk.
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« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2017, 01:53:54 PM »

Not a lot happened during this session as we got used to using Tabletop Simulator (and had some technical difficulties getting Dean’s system to run it).  Also, Cody suffered a bout of food poisoning and only showed up toward the very end to say “hi” but didn’t contribute to the game.

The teen supers left the karaoke bar late in the evening and headed home.  On his way, Duke encountered a fur ball in the street.  As he approached (cautiously) to get a better look, he noticed that it was a group of the gremlins tangling with a group of giant rats (raccoon-sized).

He also observed a bizarrely-dressed man (a threadbare blazer and a top hat) cheering one side of the fight on (though Duke couldn’t determine which side).

Angel (OOC):  “From a distance he looks like a guy in a top hat and fur coat, but it’s really just rats.”

Duke hopped off his bike and went in and started helping the rats take out the gremlins.  The rats, apparently, needed the help as they had a hard time making any good rolls for a while.

GM:  “Apparently, the rats are following the Hercules rules:  The less outnumbered they are, the more skilled their opponents are.”

The rats seemed both stronger and tougher than the gremlins, but they didn’t have the ability to die and warp in buddies, so they did seem destined to lose without assistance.

Duke noticed the guy cheer him on as he assisted the rats, and, as the gremlins seemed to be winning he did shout out “don’t worry, help is on the way.”

As Rio walked home, she noticed a carpet of rats moving with a purpose.  Concerned about the rodents moving along the street, she activated her Raven costume and followed them from the air.  Rounding a corner, she saw Duke fighting and flew over to where he was.  She saw as one of the gremlins tackled the top-hat equipped man, knocking him over.  Duke golf-swatted the gremlin off of him, causing it to get some distance and start running away.

Raven managed to zap the runner, causing it to drop something while Duke and the rats managed to finish off the remaining gremlins.

Raven recovered a charm bracelet from where the gremlin dropped it before the rats could get to it.  She recognized the guy, Renn, from school.  She asked about the bracelet and he explained that he saw the creatures coming out of an apartment window with it, so he called for some help (the rats) and tried to get it back.  Raven took the bracelet back to the apartment it came from (via the same window) and put it back in the room, shutting the window behind her.

Raven:  “I’ll take the bracelet back.”
Renn (NPC):  “Are you sure you want to do that—you’re a little conspicuous.”
GM (OOC): “Says the guy dressed as an extra from Sweeny Todd.”

Duke continued to question Renn about where his powers came from, and he explained that he got seriously sick a little while ago, and set his two pet rats free, so they didn’t get sick as well.  However, after a couple of days, they came back and started bringing him food and medicine to help him.

Duke:  “There are a bunch of freaky people here.”
Raven:  “Welcome to California.”

Renn did recognize Duke (as he didn’t have a costume, unlike Raven), and made the statement that he’d heard one of his teammates (on the football team) had been hospitalized for an allergic reaction stemming from animal attack.  This, being news to Duke, caused him to call some of the team to discover that this was true, and got the hospital information from them.

Duke commented that he, also, had been attacked by the gremlins, and Renn offered to look at the injury.

Renn:  “If you want me to take a look [at your injury] I can.  I’m a . . .”
Teo (OOC):  “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, last night.”

He agreed that the injury didn’t look infected.  Duke was concerned about gremlins attacking the football player in the hospital (Hank), and wanted to go check on him.  Renn offered to send “someone” to keep an eye on him.  Duke realized he meant a rat, and commented that it’s not like the rats could talk.

Raven:  “Some of us can talk to animals.”
Duke:  “You just keep getting weirder.”

They agreed to go check on the injured football player (even though it was about 11 pm).  Renn and Raven both observed that they would have no problem getting into the hospital, even though it was after visiting hours.  Raven flew off and texted Angel, who told her the hospital they were going to was the one where her mother worked.  Duke told Raven to have Angel swing by and get Matt as he was still walking home and didn’t have a form of rapid transportation.

Raven did point out the conflict of having the nerdy, shy Matt in a car with the beautiful Filipino girl, but sent the information.

The teens met at the hospital, Raven grudgingly turned her costume back off.  They went in to find Hank (they had his room number).  Angel got him a “Get Well Soon” card and put $20 in it.  Rio just pinched the bridge of her nose as the awkward girl asked if that’s right.  Duke, matter-of-factly, observed that “most people put a Franklin in it,” prompting Angel to put four more bills in the card, commenting that she could only get $20s from the ATM.

Duke made the statement that, if they’re asked, he’s on the team with him, and the girls are cheerleaders.  Matt cleared his throat as the nerdy guy seemed out of place.  After a moment, Duke said he was his tutor, as other suggestions were shot down.

They checked on Hank and he did appear to be recovering from an infection.  Renn seemed concerned that the wound seemed like it had started to fester.  Rio shrugged and commented that she couldn’t do anything about it, as her healing power only worked on injuries, not illnesses.

Angel found out, from the night nurse, that there had been a rash of animal attacks, and they had a handful of teens in the hospital from allergic reactions.  She got their information and brought it back to the other teens.  The agreed that they should check up on the other kids tomorrow and went home for the night.

Terry, feeling ill, stayed home, and let the other teens know.  Angel, Duke, Renn and Rio met at the hospital while Matt decided he was going to go check out Bloaty’s Pizza Hog again.  Duke checked in with Hank, while Angel, money-filled get well cards and notebook in hand, went to the other, injured teens to find out what happened.

Perversely, Rio enjoyed watching the other girl’s awkward interactions with normal kids, making herself scarce when the line of questioning went pear-shaped and Angel looked desperately to tag out.

Angel and Rio met Teo, an attractive Native American kid who was visiting one of his friends in the hospital.  He was gob smacked with the card full of money but became apprehensive when the questioning turned to the animal attack.  Angel, ever subtle, told him about the other attacks, which did cause him some concern.  However, he stayed with his friend after the questioning was done.

Rio (OOC):  Why don’t you have pockets—are you not wearing pants?
Teo:  Hospital gown guy doesn’t have pants.  (OOC)  You don’t have any pants on.
GM (OOC):  I thought you turned your camera off . . ..

Angel hit paydirt when one of the teens commented that it wasn’t any animal he’d ever seen—they all had skin.  He had taken a tumble down the stairs and was in serious condition (but conscious).  He told them that he’d seen some really hot, small, slender, goth-esque girl with long purple hair watching the gremlins attack him. 

Rio convinced the party to reconvene at a park, so they could talk about what they had found.  They had to explain that they mean a park, not an amusement park, to Angel.  They contacted Matt and told him to meet them at the park.

At the park, Angel gave the description of the girl who had the gremlins attack the injured teen and Rio vehemently denied that it was her.  With Terry indisposed, Matt offered to try to hack into the security cameras and see if they could spot his attacker.

With some very good rolls, he got a picture of the girl, and, from the school records, was able to identify her as “Amara Smith.”  He wasted a lot of time trying to locate her on social media and insisted that the name was fake.  Rio, getting frustrated, asked him to check the school records and give them her address, and just to do a Google image search on her picture.

The picture turned up several hits of the pretty girl, though the more recent pictures she was calling herself “Amarynthe.”

Rio and Angel took the address and, in an effort to be surreptitious, Angel decided to use Lyft to get them a ride there.  However, she forgot she had the “rich person version” and had them taken to the house in a Tesla.  Rio suggested that, instead of that, why doesn’t she just buy a nice car for Duke, and he can drive them there, then they can ditch the car so it can’t be traced back to them.  It took Angel a couple of minutes to get the sarcasm.

Rio knocked on the door and asked the older woman who answered to see Amara.  The woman stated that it was just her and her husband, which conflicted with Rio’s observation—the house was too large for just a couple.  She asked if she had any children or siblings who might, and the woman, again, insisted that it was just her and her husband.  Rio showed her a picture of Amara, and, in the close proximity, used her “Compel Truth” power.  The woman insisted she had never seen the girl and it was just them.

Rio, taking advantage of the implicit trust generated by the spell, asked the woman if they could look around a bit, and the woman agreed.  Angel went upstairs and found a goth bedroom, for a teen girl.  She began looking around and taking pictures.  The only thing she really found that was odd was a telescope in the window.  Angel did some phone-based research and discovered that the telescope would have been pointed toward Ursa Majoris.

When Rio joined up with her, she noticed an antique, full-length mirror with a crack, about Rio’s chest-high, running through it.  Rio carefully examined the mirror, and looked to remove the broken glass, but, observed that it was beyond her skill.  She pointed it out to Angel who took some pictures of it.

Rio called the woman to the room and asked her about it.  The woman said it was just a storage room.  When asked about the mirror, the woman couldn’t see it.  Rio examined the mirror a bit longer and asked Angel if she knew any glazier who could work on it.

While Angel was looking into it (specifically, finding out what a glazier was), Rio looked around and pointed out a poster for an observatory/planetarium.  The two girls made note of it, and Angel said she found a glazier.  Rio asked for her help to get the mirror out of the house and to the glazier.  When Angel asked if the woman would be concerned that they were stealing her mirror, Rio explained that the woman wouldn’t remember any of their conversation, and she didn’t see the mirror anyway.

At the glazier, Angel made up a story about it being a family heirloom, and she didn’t her parents to know she had broken it.  The guy admitted it would be difficult to find the right kind of mirror for it, but he had some ideas.  Rio asked if she could get a look at the back-side of the mirror and the underside when he had them removed.  He said she could, but it would take him a few hours, and they’d have to come back tomorrow.  Grudgingly, Rio agreed.  Learning that the other teens were at the hospital again, they went back to meet there.

While Angel and Rio were away, Matt, having not gone to the hospital with everyone else, had Duke take him back.  He talked to Hank, at length, but was unable to get any useful information from him.  He decided that the attack meant that Hank had also developed powers, and started inquiring along those lines.  He didn’t get any, useful, information from Hank about powers, and simply ostracized himself further from the jocks.

As they returned to the hospital, Teo, seeing Angel asked if he had to take a header down a flight of stairs to get her attention.  Angel awkwardly flirted with Teo for a bit before Rio suggested they could keep flirting, but, she wanted to get to Hank’s room.

The girls discussed their findings with the others.  Angel looked up information about the observatory.  Matt couldn’t understand Rio’s obsession with the mirror, leading to a bit of bickering between the two.

Rio:  “Because I’m magic, and I’m concerned that the mirror could be cursed.”
GM (OOC?):  “Not anymore.”

Angel alerted the team that the observatory had been closed for about eight years, and quickly began hopping up and down saying it would be a great secret hide-out for them.  Rio brought up that they needed to go there to check it out and look for Amara.

And that was the end of the session.

Hmm, I guess more happened than I thought.
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« Reply #5 on: April 25, 2017, 02:05:38 PM »

Raven's Journal
Today could have gone . . . better.
First of all, one of my copies of the Lesser Key of Solomon—the first one I'd found and had been making my notes in was stolen.  Those bloody gremlins.
It started out okay, I had made plans to go out socially, then I was going to scour the city for those gremlins.  But, plans change.  
While at Bloaty's Pizza with my new friend, we were "shanghaied" into a mirror-world where we were set upon by a group of those gremlins.  My friend revealed she had the ability to control and manipulate air.  Two of the guys from the school that I recognized, also had powers—one of them, Dark Wing, had created a battlesuit that he kept in his backpack (and had trouble getting on, it seems).  The other seems much stronger than he should be, but, I'm not going to press him yet.  A third boy seems to be a lycanthrope—will have to research on him later.
Disturbingly, I noticed that the gremlins came out of the TV, because one of them was knocked back into it.  They were incredibly difficult to defeat and killing one didn't mean it would stay dead.  Or, more to the point, it might become two of them.  Also, Dark Wing and Strong Guy had a habit of targeting the gremlins I had frozen—couldn't they tell that they were contained?  Dark Wing got sliced up a treat by one of the gremlins as he struggled into his armor, so I had to heal him before I could help contain the outbreak.
Once they were all destroyed, the werewolf attacked the TV, which caused everything to reset to just before the attack happened.  I don't know if they were related, or if the spell holding us there had just ended, but, keep it in mind.
I tried to explain what I thought had happened, but everyone was happy to declare it a hallucination.  It wasn't.  We regrouped in a private room at Belt it Out, the Karaoke Bar, downtown.  Dark Wing and I demonstrated our abilities and my new friend admitted she had the wind powers.  Werewolf guy doesn't seem to remember he can transform and Strong guy just wouldn't admit anything.  I didn't push right now.
I suggested that Dark Wing use his abilities to see if he could find information on the internet about either the mandala or the gremlins.  He touched the karaoke machine and caused it to die and plunged the room into darkness.  The werewolf went and unplugged the monitor.  I told him it wouldn't help, and he replied that it couldn't hurt.  I couldn't argue with that, so let him.
We left Belt it out, about 10-11.  As I walked home, I saw a massive carpet of rats moving over the street, with a purpose.  I took to the air and followed them around a corner where I saw Strong Guy and another guy fighting a bunch of gremlins.  I flew over, as they finished most of them off.  One of the gremlins made a break for it, and I managed to zap it, causing it to drop a charm bracelet.
I recovered the bracelet and talked with both Strong Guy and the new person, Rat Guy.  He told me he spotted the gremlins coming out of an apartment window with the bracelet.  I took the bracelet and investigated the room—it was a young girl's room.  I put the bracelet back and joined Strong Guy and Rat Guy again.
Rat Guy told Strong Guy that one of the football players had been attacked by an animal and had an allergic reaction.  We contacted everyone again and met back at the hospital.  Wind Girl was familiar with the hospital.  She also discovered that a number of students had been attacked and had some reactions.  We agreed to come back to the hospital the next day to do more research.
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« Reply #6 on: July 10, 2017, 05:24:04 PM »

Well, I'd been hoping Kim would post the logs, but, apparently, he's not going to do that.

These were the funny bits from the game:


Rio: "I reach out and touch the mirror, where the images overlap."
GM: "You got that second character ready?"
Rio (OOC): "Uh, I'll need like five minutes."
GM: "No, just kidding."


Rio: "No, you use Matt. If anything happens, just grab his feet and act like the mirror is on fire. He'll turn into the beast, and we'll skip that step."


GM: "Then again, 'stupid-complicated' is par for the course with magic."


Rio (OOC): "So, the school is going to know that someone was going through their files because they'll come in on Monday and the printer works."


Teo: "I don't have search, but I do have re-search."
GM (OOC): "You have to use search first, before you can re-search for it."


After a phenomenally bad research roll from Teo:
Rio (OOC): "Hey! It's the 'L' from the Motor Pool!"


Teo: "Does anyone find this a little odd?"
Rio: "No. I do not find it a little odd, I think you used the wrong adjective."


(Upon finding an online comic/manga detailing events that happened to the previous party who have vanished)
Angel: "I think I've seen this movie."
Rio: "I think we're IN this movie!"


(Describing an event in the manga)
GM: "Freddie solves the Hellraiser cube and releases Franken-Gimp."
Angel (OOC): "Oooh, is that Drag Queen's nemesis?"
GM (OOC): "I think it has to be."

Drag Queen was what Crystal nick-named her character because of the flamboyant costume she pieced together.  We have decided that she will make the official Drag Queen at some point in the future.
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Teo:  “I hit . . . and do a whopping 1 point of damage.”
Raven (OOC):  “That’s unpossible.  It’s a two-die attack.”
GM (OOC):  “No, she just rolled that badly:  Three and negative two!”


Crystal (OOC):  “Dancing leads to babies!”
Raven (OOC):  “Not when it’s two guys.”


Raven:  “I’ll throw a wall in front of the hallway.  I don’t think it’ll do much.”
GM:  “Whatever makes you feel better.”
Teo (OOC):  “You need to get those walls coated with bedliner.”
GM (OOC):  “You need to put bedliner . . . on a magical barrier.”


Raven:  “I told you to bring them out.”
Beast:  “They dead.”
Teo (OOC):  “He’s not hungry.”


GM:  “It’s the first explosion you’ve seen that wasn’t in a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.  But, he did spoil you, so you’re a little let down.”
Teo (OOC):  “And me without my marshmallows.”


GM (as Terry):  “That’s interesting.”
Rio (OOC):  “Pronoun game, one sin.  Not finishing the statement, waiting for us to ask, another sin.”


GM:  (Describes a crime that happened earlier with a villain in armor resembling a pill-bug)
Angel:  “Was this in Florida?”
GM:  “No, it was here in Oceanside.”
Angel:  “Was he from Florida?”


Rio:  “I make Will by 5, so I am not mentally stunned by reading the court documents.”


Angel:  “I’m just waiting for my costume.”
GM (Rolls a 17):  “It does not show up today.”
Rio (OOC):  “It’s gotten lost in the mail.  You’ll have to order a new one.”
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Short session with a new player, but we did have these lines:

Angel:  “Duncan, what’s something you’ve always wanted but could never afford?”
Matt:  “A girlfriend.”


Matt:  “You’re homeschooled in Erotic Art?
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« Reply #9 on: August 10, 2017, 07:06:32 AM »

Matt:  “You’re homeschooled in Erotic Art?

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult weighs in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ojCLAeQSjI

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